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Sep 26, 2010 11:30am EDT
crashed in washington dc, pennsylvania and new york city. scott wanted to do something special to honor those caught up in the terrorist attacks. and so i developed a project called freedom plaza, which was to use the materials from the world trade center, and make a large north american bald eagle out of it, and it's on the size and scale of the statue of liberty. scott designed the memorial to stand where the world trade center towers had fallen. but the city of new york was already developing other plans for the site, and scott's memorial was not destined to be a part of them. then, late one night, he came up with another, even more ambitious idea. >> well, if we're going to use the steel and the aluminum in an eagle we could use some of the steel in a ship. >> erika: scott was familiar with navy ships. for years he had worked at the aircraft carrier museum "uss intrepid." he presented his idea to his boss, who sent it on to the secretary of the navy. is time, scott's timing was perfect. the navy liked the idea of building a ship out of steel salvaged from the twin towers. scot
Sep 10, 2010 4:00am EDT
new york were to be moved? which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? >> if they were willing to move it away from that location, we would consider that a sign from god. we have or he has been in contact with the imam in new york city. he has agreed to move the location. >> but from sources in the office of the imam no deal to move park 51 and the man in the middle -- >> i have made this morning contact with the office of the imam and got the commitment to fly out to new york and meet with him in the company of pastor jones to discuss and come to a decision on relocating the mosque. >>> our special guest, imam mohammad mosri. >> rendition is still unchecked. an appeals court tosses the lawsuit that challenges the company that flew its victims. jonathan turley joins me. >>> steven hawking's argument. no god is needed to create a universe. just gravity and quantum theory. our guest, his co-author and david letterman and i play for a possible 2012 presidential candidate. >> it could be another bush. we haven't had enough of them. >> that's his campaign slogan. >> i'll rev
Sep 15, 2010 7:00am PDT
quote . >> which was -- got texted a photo as islanded in new york. it was exciting. and just every day it is something new. school just started. that's a good thing. >> before i let you go. you are also in town here for a really special -- the trident. >> yes, i'm working with trident to help promote smiles across america, bringing attention to
Sep 9, 2010 5:00pm EDT
contact with the imam in new york city. i with the imam here, i will be flying up there on saturday to meet with the imam at the ground zero mosque. he has agreed to move the location. that, of course, cannot happen overnight, but he has agreed to move that. we felt that that would be a sign that god would want us to do it. the american people do not want the mosque there, and, of course, moslems do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday, and on saturday i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> good afternoon. thank you, and thank you, pastor jones. we have -- all have been witnessing this play out for several weeks, and many of you know that in a few hours the muslim world will be celebrating the adolf hitler festival, the end of the month of raumadan an hundreds of millions of people will be listening to sermons, and the message that would have dominated those sermons would have been the burning of the koran in the united states. i have conveyed my deep concerns to pastor jones and the gravity of the
Sep 17, 2010 4:00am EDT
>>> making news on this friday, september 17th. >> killer storm. the new york region is hammered by lightning, rains and wind that turn deadly and left thousands of commuters stuck. >>> one of the nation's best-known hospitals under siege. a surgeon shot and a standoff with the gunman. >>> and all a hoax. a woman attracted global attention with the story of being ambushed and burned with acid. but now admits, she made it up. >>> and good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. it will be a day of a lot of cleanup across new york city, after getting hit by a storm that brought torrential rain and winds of up to 100 miles per hour. >> this is what it looked like in brooklyn, as it tore off roofs and knocked down countless trees. >> whipping up high winds, flooding and hail. emily schmidt shows us the spots that were hardest hit. >> reporter: just as rush hour hit new york city thursday afternoon, so did a fierce, fast-moving storm. >> i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: tornado warnings went out around 5:30. at least 30,000 people lost power, as lightning filled the skies. >> all the doors in my house flew open. the air conditioning in my room crashed in. the windows crashed in. >> reporter: terrifying for people at home. trouble for commuters trying to get home. >> back up. back up. back up. >> reporter: new york's busy penn station closed because it was so packed with people after winds knocked down trees and power lines on train tracks. drivers didn't fair much better. >> i was just driving down the street. and it was like -- it was just like a giant, human car wash. everything just started spinning. and i saw like the small branches flying all over. >> reporter: one woman died when a tree landed on her car. others didn't know how they survived. >> didn't know what hit me at first. glass was scattered everywhere. and i was thinking, am i alive? >> reporter: the same system moved through ohio hours earlier. changing the landscape in a matter of second. damaging 18 homes in 1 county alone. >> there was a red barn. and there was a house next to the road. and it's not there any longer. >> this is one of those things, while it may be an act of god, it doesn't make it easier for us. >> reporter: the national weather service says new york has had eight confirmed tornadoes since 1960. the service will confirm if the city has now survived tornado number nine. emily schmidt, abc news. >>> our sam champion will have more on "good morning america." and a look ahead to the effects of hurricane igor, this weekend. >>> a world-famous hospital is reviewing security procedures today after a siege by a lone gunman. police say paul parnish shot a doctor that had been treating his mother. his barricaded himself in her room, as s.w.a.t. teams locked down the hospital. >> from the frontside of the building, which faces the hospital, to the back. none of us could be by any windows. >> you had to be scared. >> yeah. it's scared. >> police discovered his body and his mother in the room. the doctor identified by colleagues as orthopedic surgeon david cohen, underwent surgery. he should be okay. >>> president obama's latest trip on the campaign trail may signal trouble by democrats in a usually reliable democratic state. in connecticut, the president helped raise millions for his party. outside, dozens demonstrated against the president and a new connecticut law. >>> meanwhile, delaware senate candidates faced off for the first time. tea party-backed republican, christine o'donnell, and democrat, chris koons, battled. >>> and president obama makes it official today. wall street critic, elizabeth warren, will be a special adviser overseeing the creation of a new consumer protection bureau. the harvard law professor will have vast powers to enforce regulations that will cover credit cards, mortgages and other financial products. >>> another announcement from the white house today. a new report on how the billions of dollars in stimulus money is being spent. it's an effort by the administration to push back against republican criticism. here, now, is jonathan karl. >> reporter: the report highlights projects like this one in south plainfield, new jersey. where an old electronics plant is being transformed into a new industrial park. thanks to $30 million stimulus dollars. >> we're getting folks in there, leaning up that environment. and this will be a new industrial park, creating hundreds and thousands of jobs for decades to come. >> reporter: the project has created 68 jobs. and is designed to be an economic boone to the south plainfield area once it is completed next year. the white house is touting the $175 million in stimulus funds being spent here at new york's staten island ferry terminal, replacing nine bridges like this one that are in a dangerous state of disrepair. there are now 120 workers on the job here, rebuilding a transportation hub that services 65,000 commuters every day. the white house report is a direct response to senators john mccain and tom coburn, who have issued 3 separate reports on what they call the top 100 wasteful stimulus projects. those reports highlighted things like the $3.4 million spent on the so-called turtle tunnel, allowing animals to go from one side of florida's route 27 to the other. here's what mccain told us about his last report. >> i think all of them are a waste. i think none of them, really, have any meaningful impact on creating jobs. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, new york. >>> overnight, we learned of a major step forward in killing the oil well, which caused a huge environmental disaster in the gulf. a relief well has intersected with the blownout well. the next step will be the to seal the blownout well from the bottom. >>> further south, mexico's yucatan peninsula is soaked after hurricane karl. the storm is expected to gain strength today as it heads for another landfall on mexico's east coast. it's closing in on an area that's been hit by other storms in the last month. >>> and now, for this morning's weather from around the country. the ohio valley and northeast will dry out, after some wild weather that included some tornadoes. severe storms today from omaha to kansas city. more showers in the pacific northwest. stretching down to california. rainy from northern idaho to eastern minnesota. south texas gets showers, spun off by hurricane karl. >> unseasonably cool to the south. billings is 53. fargo 59. minneapolis, 64. pleasant along the east coast. new york 75. baltimore, 79. in the south, it is hot. dallas is 97 and new orleans 91. >>> and when we come back this morning, some stunning numbers about how many americans are now living in poverty. >>> plus, many questions this morning about a story that initially attracted so much sympathy. a woman admits she made up the story of an attack that deformed her face. she now admits she did this to herself. >>> and more on our top stor >>> overseas markets are ending the week on a high note. tokyo's nikkei average rose 1.2% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow added 22 points yesterday. and the nasdaq ticked up two points. >>> fresh evidence this morning of the toll that the recession is having on americans. nearly 44 million people now live in poverty. that's one in seven americans, the highest rate in 15 years. experts actually expected the numbers to be worse. but many people are moving in with family now to save money and share expenses. >>> the head of the johnson & johnson division responsible for most of those recent recalls is now retiring. pauline goggins is leaving early next year after nearly 30 years at the company. >>> gm's new ceo says taxpayers won't get their bailout money back when the company has its initial public offering. instead, he says, it will take several years for the remaining $43 billion to be repaid. >>> a deal to create the world's biggest airline could get shareholder approval later today. united and continental airlines will announce results of a vote today. if shareholders approve, the $3 billion deal could close in about two weeks. but it will take much longer before passengers notice much difference. >>> all four major wireless carriers will sell samsung's galaxy tab. that's the company's answer to the ipad. the device has a seven-inch screen, two for video conferences and runs on google's software. the company has not said when it will go on sale or how much it will cost. >> and people are talking about the service where you can purchase or rent tv shows on that satellite. >> nothing you can't do. >> i know. >>> coming up next on this friday morning, we'll get a live update from london on the pope's historic visit to britain. >>> and no joke. big announcements from stars >>> and no joke. big announcements from stars over on comedy central. equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers, like our 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>> reporter: i think his trip was not expected to generate this much interest because of sluggish ticket sales to the open-air masses that had been organized. people were comparing him to john paul ii, who got a rock star welcome when he came here in 1982. on the whole, pope benedict's trip is going well. at the mass yesterday, they were expecting around 60,000 people. but it's estimated that around 70,000 turned up. rob? vinita? >> lama hasan in london this morning. thank you. >>> it turns out that the story of an acid attack on a woman in washington state was all a hoax. bethany storro had said she was attacked by a black woman who threw acid into her face, causing severe burns. now, she's admitted to police that she made the whole thing up. investigators say during questioning several discrepancies emerged about the alleged attack. >> she is extremely upset. she's very remorseful. in many ways. this is something that just got bigger than what she expected. so, she has shown that this has affected her a great deal. >> local prosecutors will decide whether or not to press charges. money that's been donated to storro is being returned. >>> and a father in orlando is in trouble after threatening boys on a school bus, who he claims were bullying his daughter. james jones was seen on bus surveillance video confronting the youngsters. he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. jones is out of jail on bond. we'll have more on "good morning america." >>> the man who killed john lennon apparently had a list of other targets. john david chapman said he considered killing johnny carson and elizabeth taylor. the details are in a transcript of his latest parole hearing. chapman said there were other victims but he couldn't recall who they were. >>> it was a night to hand out hardware in the wnba. that and baseball highlights from adnan virk on espn news. >> good morning. the seattle storm had been tremendous all season in the wnba. unbeaten at home. trying to close up. the atlanta dream in game three. fourth quarter. 15 seconds to go. the dream down by three. and castro-marquez, with a lay-in, cuts the lead down to one. six seconds left. is the dream still alive? mccoughtry, who had 35 points, misses the three-point attempt. dream weaver. one last chance for coco miller. huh-uh. the dream could not fight off the perfect storm, as seattle wins it, 87-84. their second wnba title. >>> to baseball we go. the padres, in first place in the n.l. west, taking on the cards. on the first, matt holliday, taking it up the middle. cards up 1-0. bottom of the sixth. two on for albert pujols. fat albert, hey, hey, hey. ryan ludwick can't make the catch. the cards lead it 2-0. later in the inning, yadier molina, a flare to right. that drops into fair territory for a hit. the cards blank the padres offense 4-0. >>> so, aubrey hoffman, with an opportunity to take san diego, hosting the dodgers. bottom of the third, it's huff. a three-run bomb off of ted lilly. the giants up 4-1. next batter, buster posey. so long, and thanks for all the fish. a solo home run to left. his 14th of the year. the yints led it 5-1. they crashed the dodgers. 10-2, was the final. they take the top spot in the national league west. >>> you're up to date for now. back to you in new york. >>> in the wake of glenn beck's much-publicized rally in washington, comedy central stars have announced their own. >> "the daily show's" rally to restore santi, is for people too busy to go to rallies. and stephen colbert will hold the keep fear alive rally, on the same day next month. >>> now, we know the truth about what actor joaquin phoenix has been up to. you may remember phoenix's bizarre appearance on dave letterman's show last year. >> he carried on that persona in the documentary, "i'm still here." he says that joaquin has been playing a role, while telling everyone he was giving up acting in order to pursue a rap career. >> i saw that movie. i'm not surprised. >> casey said, it's the performance of his career. >>> up next, the stories we'll be following today, including a milestone for england's future king. we'll be right back. that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'l pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i loe it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia / now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. so, we set out to discover the nutritional science at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. trying to be big like you, dad. you're so good at keeping everyone full... and focused with your fiber. 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[ female announcer ] clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand. >>> hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast five years ago. but for so many in that region, the pain is still fresh. >> a play recounting that story through the experiences of a group of women is being revived here in new york. i had a chance to go check it out. ♪ shine, let it shine >> reporter: these are the stories of new orleans women, all survivors of hurricane katrina. >> what our story does, it allows people to put themselves in our shoes. and so, by being able to see it from our viewpoint. >> reporter: the play, "swimming upstream," first hit stages in 2008. but acclaimed playwright and activist, eve ensler, brought the play back this month in new orleans and new york, for katrina's fifth anniversary. >> in particularly in new orleans, and really everywhere, always keep the world alive after disasters, after conflicts. >> reporter: written during a year and a half by 16 new orleans women, some of whom are also performers in the show, "swimming upstream" is a mix of poetry and song. humor and pain. rage and resilience. >> this story reminds people that though we've come a long way, we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: ensler who directs the play, earned huge acclaim in the '90s for "the vagina monologues." she is battling uterine cancer. and says bringing "swimming upstream" back to audiences has uplifted her spirits. >> i've had a great prognosis. >> reporter: and new orleans natives who saw the show in new york this week, are grateful, too. >> they've grasped the loss, recovery, and building. ♪ hold on be strong ♪ ♪ do what you got to do time brings changes ♪ ♪ we'll see each other through make it better ♪ ♪ it'
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm EDT
>>> out of nowhere, the political unknown who has up theed into voter anger but can he pull off the biggest upset of the political season? >>> best medicine. can a drug for pain relief actuallyork too well? a question about a new medication for aching joints. >>> and "education nation" a place where teachers and students have stunning success. so what's their secret? >>> also tonigh something y should know before heading to vegas. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we haven't had to talk about terrorism for a while now, though in this new post 9/11 era it's never that far from our thoughts, especially in big cities. tonight in parts of europe, it's evident that officialselieve something might be up. there's a lot of intelligence floating around, so-called chatter from various sources indicating various people might belanning something. as far as how far this reaches, why now? well, that gets a little bit tougher. we're going to begin, however, in paris where they have raised the alert status. our own jim meceda is there. hey, jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, first off, we have to say that this alleged simultaneous terror plot across europe does not effect the united stes. but that's little comfort to europeans who are reading these tea leaves and feeling extremely unnerved. high anxiety in the streets of paris. since french authorities raised the terror threat level to severe two weeks ago based on increased intelligence chatter. that al qaeda was planning a major attack since then, several bomb threats with thousands of additional police and military, evacuating train and subway stations. even iconic land marks like the eiffel tower. >> every time you tried to get close, they routed you back away from it. so we knew something was up. >> reporter: the tower shut down twice now in just two weeks. even as the french are dealing with the terror threat here, there are reports in germany warning of coordinated terror attacks inside germany and other european countries. this coming from a 36-year-old german-afghan source being interrogated by americans inside bagram prison in afghanistan. according to german intelligence sources, dozens of germa jihadists who fought alongside the taliban and al qaeda in afghanisn and pakistan, are returning to continue the fight back home. >> the german authorities are concerned that these people can build sleeping cells ready to make bombing in germany or somewhere else. >> reporter: then on tuesday, new reports quoting british intelligence suggesting a plot by a trorist commando team had been foiled. similar in style to the mumbai massacre where ten gunman attacked twondian hotels, killing at least 170. despite all the speculation, sources say there have been no specific or imminent threats. still, counterintelligence experts are connecting the dots. >> put all those things together, that gives me the feel this was a credible threat that was thwarted by the authorities. >> reporter: what's really disturbing intelligenceable lists tonight is that this plot, even if it's intercepted, may not have been completely stopped. that's really upsetting them. back to you. >> jim, thanks forhat. >>> meanwhile, here at home, there's a new videotape that federal prosecutors released today, showing what they say could have hpened had the man who tried to set off a bomb in times square last may actually succeeded at it. we get more on that now from our justice correspondent pete williams in washington. pete, a law enforcement source called me today so that we imfa size had he known what he was doing, perhaps this would have been the result. >> reporter: absolutely. they showed what kind of damage the bomb in his car might have caused if it had gone off as he intended. this video, made by the fbi, shows agents detonating a bomb that the government says was identical to the cponents that were assembled in the car rked in times square. prosecutors say he told the fbi he wanted to kill at least 40 people. vestigators say it's impossibleo predict what the effects might have been, though it would have been devastating to the surrounding area. he also told the f he wanted to set off a second bomb two weeks later. his car bomb was built in three parts and all three failed to go off after he lit the fuse and walked away. he pleaded guilty in june and will be sentenced next week. >> pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, thanks. >>> perhaps the toughest job of all tonight falls to richard engel here in new york. you get the task of bringing all these disparate parts together. what is going on here, homany pieces do have? >> if you look at it globally, the overall threat level, th to europe, the united states, is according to one senior counterterrorism official, the most severe that he's seen it since 9/11. there is a great deal of chatter out there. chatter means e-mails, phone conversations, tngs that are floating around in the cyberspace that can be picked up by organizations like the nsa. lots of militant groups are talking about doing attacks against america and against other countries. why now? and i think that's what you have to focus on. al qaeda has made decision that it's not going to wai around for a big attack. there were many people within al qaeda who thought after 9/11, they can't do someing else unless it's bigger than 9/11. after the last attack that failed in new york times square and the one that also failed christmas day when they tried to bring down an airliner, both of those attacks failed. but from al qaeda'perspective, they were successful. they tied uphe u.s. security services, they cost a great deal of money. and al qaeda decided we got a lot of bang for a iled attack. let's keep them going. that's what has people concerned. >> we keep calling the new normal, keeps changing all the time. richard engel, thanks as always. >>> now to what was a breaking domestic story late today. a terrible bus crash in maryland. at least one person wakilled when a charter bus carrying children and their parents fell 45 feet off a sky ramp on the d.c. beltway. it landed along a stretch of interstate 270, backed up traffic 15 miles and we're told that won't be cleared for hours. state police say rescue crews had to cut free four people who were trapped inside the bus. some of the survivors we're told tonight have sadly life-threatening injuries. >>> much othe east coast is under a serious flood watch tonight, and take a look at why. it's a weather system that stretches between two major cities very far apart. miami, all the way north to new york, as if traveling along i-95. it's already dumped 17 inches of rain in delaware. it's set to merge with what remains of tropical storm nicole. heavy rain, dangerous flooding, high winds, all expected from the south florida coast all the way up through new york and then western new england before we say goodbye to this on friday. we'll be keeping a close eye on the system, which could bring eight more inches rain to some areas, and throw travel along the east coast into chaos. >>> now to politics and the candidate who has taken the race for new york governor by storm. he's running as a tea party favorite from upstate buffalo, and despite various controrsies swirlingll around him, some people think he's in a position, given the crazy dynamic of the electorate this year, to upset a member of new york's political fst family. our own kate snow is here with a look at one of the races to watch this november. kate, good evening. >> reporter: new york is a blue state, but it's also a very diverse state. upstate new york, a lot more like ohio, rust belt town with high unemployment and that's where a guy nam carl paladino has found his base. >> i'm carl paladino. and i'm mad as hell. i'm a businessman. not a politician. i'm being falsely called a racist and worse. >> reporter: he's all over youtube. >> new yorkers are fed up. >> reporter: a wealthy developer who owns a good chunk of buffalo, new york, and never held any political office. >> this is going to be o hell of a year. >> reporter: for opponents, he's the stereotype of a renegade outsider. with tea pty support. you're angry, you're loud, you're brash. you've said you're not politically correct. >> i'm not intimidatab, either. but i am angry, and that's okay. it's all right to show people that you're angry. it sort of gets the discussion going. >> reporter: who are you angry at? >> angry at government that took advantage of the people. a government that is self-sustaining. >> reporter: in the suburbs and small towns that dot upstate new york, they've run out of paladino lawn signs. even his own people didn't anticipate he would have this much traction. most polls still show paladino bend his docratic opponent by double digits. but one showed him within striking distance of new york attorney general andrew cuomo. >> nobody expected carl paladino to be where he is today. new york is the bluest of blue states. yet there's a sense that carl paladino would present a real challenge to andrew cuomo and become the governor of new york. >> carl paladino isn't part of the solution in albany, he's part of the problem. >> reporr: this week, cuomo started attacking paladino by name. >> mr. paladino's agenda is an extreme agenda. and i thk now that the voters will be able to look at that clearly. >> reporter: cuomo cites his position opposing abortion and his suggestion that welfare recipients enroll in a digni core with housing in old prisons. on the new york city subway, most don't even recognize paladino, although that's changing with daily headlines like the one today revealing some of paladino's aides have criminal records. he readily admits he too has made mistakes in life. last year he revealed to his wife of 40 years what his chdren already knew, that he fathered a child with another woman. he sent around racist, sexist and pornographic e-mails. >> i didn't mean to offend anybody. i sent it to a select group of friends. those friends, okay, treated them privately, except for obviously one. >> reporter: but republicans are lining up behind him. >> carl paladino is a lot like some of the tea party candidates we're seeing around the country, but he has a particular edge here. and that is he's got a lot of money. >> reporter: and he is officially the republican candidate on the ticket. paladino told me he won't sitate to spend as much of his fortune as it takes, and that is what worries democrats, brian. a last minute barrage of cash could put him within striking distance. >> this year throw out everything you know about polics. kate snow, thanks for that report. >>> jimmy carter hopes to be out of the hospital by his birthday, this friday when he turns 86. e former president is in cleveland. tonight will be his second night in the hospital after falling ill on a delta commercial flight from atlanta to cleveland yesterday. say they he's in good spirits, aback and in charge. that his color is good, but they want to observe the form president further. >>> when our broadcast continues in just a moment, can a pain medication work too well? tonight, how that can possibly be a problem. >>> and later in our series "education nation," inside the classroom in the one country on earth that gives its children the best education on rth. best education on earth. what had happened in central harlem was failure became the norm. the schools were lousy... the healthcare was lousy... gangs were prevalent. violence was all ove families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a cmunity like that. people had been talking about things but not doing anything. hi, mr. canada... how are you? i'm doing great, how 'bout you? right here on 119th street. if we could fix this block, then we could fix the next block, tn we could fix the next block... we promised parents, if your child stays with us, i guarantee you that child is going to graduate from college. failure is simply not an option. the sixty...the seventy... the eighty... the ninety-seven blocks which ends ubeing 10,000 children. we start with children from birth, and stay with those children until they graduate. if you really want to have impacthat is large, you will get there going one step at a time. there is no act that is too small to make a fference. no matter what you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate at i love my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know,now you grandma is the bestest. the total package. grandpa's cooooooooool. way cool. ♪ grandpa spoils me rotten. ♪ to know, know, know you ♪ is to love... some people call us frick and frack. we do finger painting. this is how grandpa and i roll. ♪ and i do [ pins fall ] grandma's my best friend. my best friend ever. my best friend ever. ♪ [ laughing ] [ boy laughs ] ♪ to know, know, know you aft this we're gonna get ice cream. can we go get some ice cream? yeah. ♪ and i do ♪ and i do ♪ and i do >>> back now with health news. almost 27 million of us suer from osteoarthritis, a chronic condition that makes hips and knees and backs he. so what if there was a drug designed to relieve chronic pain but not only works but in some ses works too well and that may keep it off the market? it's explainable. it's a dilemma surrounding new and experimentaledications or osteoarthritis. our report tonight from our chief science respond robert bazell. >> reporter: 63-year-old matiah is one of millions of americas who suffer from osteoarthritis. her worst pain was in her knees. >> my life was compromised. i did not comfortably move around at all. remember how i couldn't even get down these stairs? >> reporter: she was one of hundreds of volunteers in a clinical trial of a new drug. >> within one to three days, i was pain free. and i had gone back to playing tennis. i had gone back to walking. and i was pain free. >> reporter: it's a biologically engineered protein that blocks a body chemical critical for pain and flammation. such drugs can be very expens e expensive. some doctors say for certain patients, it could be worthwhile. >> i have not seen anything like this particulabiologic medication. in fact, i would call it a game changer. >> that's the telltale sign of osteoarthritis. >> reporter: most of the patients in the study experienced very few side effects. but a few patients had a very serious prlem. their joints wore out faster when they were taking the drug, offer requiring surgical replacement. as a result, the fda ordered a halt to most trials of the drug whilit analyzes the data. some doctors thi the drug enabled patients to become too active too quickly, pushi their physical limits without feeling pain. >> let's face it, pain tells us to be careful. it alerts us that something is wrong. you reduce that anthen you don't have the same precautions. >> reporter: some experts argue the trials should continue with patients counseled about the possible risks. but most agree this showhow drug development should proceed. identifying potential dangers before a drug is approved. robert bazell, nbc news, new york. >>> when we come back re tonight, something in las vegas you might want to avoid. that is until they get it fixed. xed. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen mines to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. what had hapned in central harlem was failure became the norm. the schools were lousy... the healthcare was lousy.. gangs were prevalent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a community like that. people had been lking about things, but not doing anything. hi, mr. canada... how are you? i'm doing great, how 'bout you? right here on 119th street. if we coulfix this block, then we could fix the next block, then we could fix the next block... we promised parents, if your child stays with us, i guarantee you that child is going to aduate from college. failure is simply not an option. the sixty...the seventy... the eighty... the ninety-seven blocks which ends up being 10,000 children. we start with children fm birth, and stay with those children until they graduate. if you really want to have an impact that is large, you will get there goi one step at a time. there is no act that is too small to make a difference. no matter what you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate at >>> amtrak has unveiled a plan for a high-speed rail line along the east coast from boston all the way to washington. it would require new tracks, new tunnels, new trains. the plan would take 30 years and would require $117 billion. there is not a scent of funding in place, and it wldn't begin until 2015. >>> in ironic news tonight, the chinese have announced that a new high-speed train there has set a new speed record, 258 miles an hour. china, by the way, has 4,300 miles of high speed rail line. in two more years, they'll have 8,000 miles of high speed rail line. >>> if you're thinking of taking road trip to vegas, be warned. the new mgm hotel there called the vadara has been found to contain an extra you definitely don't want. it turns out when the sun's rays hit that curved building, it creates a 15-foot wide hot spot onhe ground that is so brutal, it can burn hair and skin and even melt plastic. some unlucky hotel guests have been sent running from the pool area after being caught in what they are calling the death ray, a burning sensation from above. the hotel is rhing to fix the problem. >>> we learned today arthur penn has did. the younger brother of erving penn, he was a director best known for "bonnie and clyde" and "little big man." he got his start in television and even advisedohn f. kennedy on his televised debate with nixon. but he was with bonnie and clyde that he changed the genre of the crime caper movie. >> i'm ms. bonnie parker and this is mr. clyde barrow. we rob banks. >> faye dunaway delivering the iconic line during her life of crime. arthur penn died a day before turning 88. >>> when we come back, a stunning education success story. could it work here? 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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor about adding onglyza. extra help. extra control. you may be eligible to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value ca program. can be unsettling. but what if there were a different story? of one financial company that grew stronger through therisis. when some lostheir way, this company led the way. by protecting clients and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪ >>> incendiary words last night from new jersey republican governor chris christie who lit into teachers unions at a meeting as he unveiled a plan to let schools strip tenure from failing teachers and allow merit pay. >> your performance was awful. you didn't do what we asked you to do, you didn't produce the product we wanted you to produce. but we don't look at tt. all we look at is, are you still breathing? >> governor christie is in the midst of a big education battle in the most deely populated state inhe union, which brings us to "education nation." our summit, our series of reports on our schools in this couny. for days we've been hearing about the ideal education system in the world. finland. educators talk about finland all the time. so much son fact we decided to go there and see what makes eir system so good. here tonight, our education correspondent rehema ellis. >> reporter: finland. population 5 million. about the size of the atlanta metro area. t don't let size fool you. finland is global success. home to cell phone giant nokia, fins are known for their love of coffey, state supported health care, and the best education system in the world. 15-yr-old olni olson is a typical student, he balances school work with play. but school time is very focused and it shows. internationally, finnish students rank number one overall in science and math. u.s. kids rank 17th in science and 24th in math. can you say what percentage of your students drop out? >> in our school? nobody. >> reporter: nationwide, the high school dropout rate is 2%. versus 25% in the u.s. but it wasn't always this way. 40 years ago, finland was a poor nation, dependent on agriculture. its leaders envisioned a brighter future in technology. the nation decided the way to get there is with a better educated workforce. it took a generation to do it. finland's blueprint included a tough national curriculum, masters degrees for all teachers, wi up to three teachers per class. two focus on instruction, the third works with students who are struggling. the result -- thers no such thing as a failing school in finland. officials say finland has a collective national will to educate all students. and a plan to succeed. there's a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and continuity. >> i can be a better teacher when i teach them for a longer period. >> reporter: many students stay with the same teacher for several years. >> use english as much as possible. >> reporter: the average student speaks four languages, including english. and finland spends about $3,000 less per pupil than american schools do. so how do they achieve more? education experts credit involved parents. you push your son? >> perhaps sometimes, yes, to honest. >> reporter: equally important, they say, is the finnish culture that values education. >> teaching has been always, and it is still is an appreciated profession. >> reporter: a report out this month says 47% of america's teachers come from the bottom third of college graduates. finnish teachers come from the top 10%. just like doctors and lawyers, finlans best and brightest are chosen to teach. rehema ellis, nbc news, helsinki, finland. >> that's it for us i'm brian williams. thank you for being with us. we hope to see you back here tomorrow evening. good night.
Sep 17, 2010 4:00am PDT
>>> making news on this friday, september 17th. >> killer storm. the new york region is hammered by lightning, rains and wind that turn deadly and left thousands of commuters stuck. >>> one of the nation's best-known hospitals under siege. a surgeon shot and a standoff with the gunman. >>> and all a hoax. a woman attracted global attention with the story of being ambushed and burned with acid. but now admits, she made it up. >>> and good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. it will be a day of a lot of cleanup across new york city, after getting hit by a storm that brought torrential rain and winds of up to 100 miles per hour. >> this is what it looked like in brooklyn, as it tore off roofs and knocked down countless trees. >> it swept across the entire new york region with little warning. whipping up high winds, flooding and hail. emily schmidt shows us the spots that were hardest hit. >> reporter: just as rush hour hit new york city thursday afternoon, so did a fierce, fast-moving storm. >> i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: tornado warnings went out arou
Sep 19, 2010 9:00am PDT
should we just go with the flow and embrace the brave new world of mood control? we'll ask new york magazine journalist ariel levy and washington psychiatrist dr. brian doyle. >> a.d.m. the nature of what's to come. >> welcome. ariel levy, you authored a cover story for "new york magazine" which we see here "what are you on?" and you described new york today to -- you say sound the alarm, there is a new drug epidemic in town and most of the city wants in on it. in certain circles of new york, it is regular table conversation. we have entered the golden age of self-medication. drugs have become like hair products or cosmetics. this is brain styling, not mind altering, and you have a serious point to make there, but what is the extent of what you see going on in new york? >> well, i mean, i think new york is the same town that brought you woody allen and brought you everybody having a psychiatrist. there not a great deal of stigma to being neurotic in new york. it is accepted to the point of maybe being desirable in certain circles. i think now that these medications are more common, new york
Sep 30, 2010 4:30am PDT
xd politics in new york. there was a heated exchange between the republican candidate for governor, carl paladino and a reporter for the "new york post." paladino was upset the "post" sent a photographer to the home of a daughter he admitted fathering out o of wedlock then challenger, andrew cuomo, had an extra-marital affair. >> what's the evidence? you sent another goon to my daughter's house and i'll take you out, buddy. >> you are going to take me out? >> yeah.Ñi >> how are you going to do that? >> watch! >> are you threatening me? >> paladino said he would provide proof of an alleged cuomo affair at the apprporiate time. >>> and in the california's governor's race republican candidate meg whitman is denying allegations she employed an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper who worked for her nine years. she says whitman knew she was in the country illegally. all was fine until last year, when whitman considered running for governor and fired her with these words. >> and from now on, you don't know me and i don't know you. you never have seen me, and i have never seen you. do you
Sep 29, 2010 6:30pm EDT
toughest job of all tonight falls to richard engel here in new york. you get the task of bringing all these disparate parts here. >> if you look at it globally, the overall threat level, both to europe, the united states, is according to one senior counterterrorism official, the most severe that he's seen it since 9/11. there is a great deal of chatter out there. chatter means e-mails, phone conversations, things that are floating around in the cyberspace that can be picked up by organizations like the nsa. lots of militant groups are talking about doing attacks against america and against other countries. why now? and i think that's what you have to focus on. al qaeda has made a decision that it's not going to wait around for a big attack. there were many people within al qaeda who thought after 9/11, they can't do something else unless it's bigger than 9/11. after the last attack that failed in "new york times" square and the one that also failed christmas day when they tried to bring down an airliner, both of those attacks failed. but from al qaeda's perspective, they were successf
Sep 22, 2010 6:30pm PDT
>> brave new world, the 20th century novelist albert huxley envisioned a future where everyone was kept happy and tranquil with a drug called soma. mr. huxley's brave new world is here, from ritalin to paxil to zoloft, people are taking mind-altering drugs in record volumes. not since the '60's have americans popped so many pills. have psycho pharmaceuticals turned us into a zombie nation? or should we just go with the flow and embrace the brave new world of mood control? we'll ask new york magazine journalist ariel levy and washington psychiatrist dr. brian doyle. >> a.d.m. the nature of what's to come. >> welcome. ariel levy, you authored a cover story for "new york magazine" which we see here "what are you on?" and you described new york today to -- you say sound the alarm, there is a new drug epidemic in town and most of the city wants in on it. in certain circles of new york, it is regular table conversation. we have entered the golden age of self-medication. drugs have become like hair products or cosmetics. this is brain styling, not mind altering, and you have a serious point to make there, but what is the extent of what you see going on in new york? >> well, i mean, i think new york is the same town that brought you woody allen and brought you everybody having a psychiatrist. there not a great deal of stigma to being neurotic in new york. it is accepted to the point of maybe being desirable in certain circles. i think now that these medications are more common, new york is the place where people are going to be comfortable with it and going to be open about it. >> you make a point of saying here that this is brain styling, not mind altering. you make a clear distinction between the two, do you not? >> yeah. i think people when they have actual problems like anxiety, depression or insomnia. they take these drugs. they become normal. they don't become drugged out. >> but you're differentiating certain kinds of drugs from very serious drugs, and you can speak to this, dr. doyle. >> sure. >> and that, say, schizophrenia. we're not in that category of drugs here, are we? >> it is highly unlikely for people in new york to pop antipsychotics for the fun of it. >> we're not talking about bipolar, are we? >> we end up talking about that, and that's in ariel's article. >> is it a national trend or just in manhattan? >> i'm sure it is true for washington, but i don't know how true it is representative for the united states. >> let's try a few names here. you have put here on your cover both the condition and the drug that might meet the condition. bumped into ex-girlfriend, viagra. big dinner to organize. ritalin. chewed out by the boss, perk s set. n won't take to toilet training, valium. hate to socialize, have to socialize, paxil. time to kick back, vicodin. is that a gray hair? valium? husband wants some space:pin. clonopin. >> had too many cocktails. viagra. what else do we have here. i'm reading a few. got seventh parking ticket this month, xanax. got rejection slip from publisher. vicodin. deadline pushed up, ritalin. always a bridesmaid -- zoloft. i'm almost through. i want to read some more of these. i swear this has never happened to me before. viagra. ex is dating a celebrity. paxil. and a few more. so you see what we're talking about here, people just pop these drugs. not only do they pop them, but they trade in them, do they not? >> they do trade them. first of all, i should say we're trying to be amusing. the vast majority of people taking these drugs are taking them because they need them. it is the case that people told me when i wrote this article that drug dealers who deal street drugs will deal prescription drugs and will straight street drugs like cocaine or heroin for the individual prescription drugs. i would like to point out that the people who told me this, if they're trading their prescription drugs to a drug deal forestreet drugs, they already knew a drug dealer. they're already the sort of person who's dealing in a naughty way with substances, so i don't know the problem is with the drugs. i think in those cases the problem is with the people and they would find a way to make trouble regardless. >> what we're talking about here is recreational use of drugs, not medicinal use of medications. the biggest problem with these medications that they are severely underused in this country, not that they're overused. they are severely underused. >> underused for medications? >> underused for the conditions that they're indicated for. they're underused for depression and the various kinds of anxiety that burdens so many people, so yes, there may be new yorkers taking these medications for fun, but that's not the way it is for most americans. >> she describes a cocktail party as a pill bazaar where pills are exchanged, correct? >> . yeah. i think a point that comes up with this is that there can be a fine line between medication and recreation. it's not like cancer where you can take a test and either you have it or you don't. there isn't a test to see if you have enough seratonin, which is why somebody would take prozac or another ssri. i mean, it's not as black and white. >> it's not likely you have an x-ray that shows you whether or not you have a major depression, but we do have well set out diagnostic criteria for these conditions and people either meet them or they don't. it's not just that these are set by the american psychiatrists. these diagnostics are criteria around the world. we do have diagnostic criteria and people either do or do not have certain real problems. >> one of the strong characters in your narrative here is molly small, and molly small says "i don't think there's anything wrong with something something on flights, if you have a plane for me, there's no reason for me to sit there and freak out the whole time when you could take a clonapin and pass out and not deal with it, because what are you going to do about it anyway? all this face your fear baloney, that's so very '80's, and i don't really believe in it, so this is more than recreational uses. this is to relieve, in this illustration, she is relieving fear of flying. >> ariel is talking about both things in her article.>> she is talking about the recreational use of medication, and also talking about entirely appropriate use of medication. a good example is molly small who has clearly been through the wars, uses her medication and uses it appropriately. i don't have any problems with the molly smalls. >> are we as a society, overly anxious? are we fixated on the dark side of life? have our highest officials pounded into our heads that we are in imminent dangersycho phat is the new drug from saddam hussein and usama bin laden, the terror alert level stays elevated with the two lowest levels blue and green never having been used at all. is all of this pushing up the demand for psycho pharmaceutic pharmaceuticals? we put that question to our guest, but first here are their born, new york city, 29 years of age, single, jewish, democrat, wes leann university, con net cat, ba, english. late night with david letterman, cbs reports researcher, and altogether, six months. new york magazine, intelligencer intern. editorial assistant. book columnist. features writer. co currently author, working on her first book, female chauvinist pig, simon and schuster, free press. hobbies, cooking, traveling, extreme cooking, gym addict ariel levy, born boston, 62 years of age, wife margaret, three children, democrat, harvard college ba, english. ma gill university, montreal, m.d.. massachusetts mental health center, resident in psychiatrist, three years. u.s. army, pentagon major, two years. faculty appointments, harvard medical sister, assistant professor, four years. george washington medical school, associate medical professor, georgetown medical school psychiatry, 20 years and currently medical answers,medicy television program, host 8 years and currently. author, 36 articles, four monographs and 204 professional presentations on adult attention deficit disorder, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, psychopharmacology. hobbies, acting, singing, power walking. brian bowls doyle. >> on the words psychopharmacology, you say, ariel, the psycho pharmacologist is the new drug dealer, like a park avenue drug dealer. is that how people look upon psychopharmacology? >> that's what one of my sources said to me. that's how she views it. i think that's how some people -- they've taken their attitude that they would have had once towards street drugs and transferred it on to prescription pills. >> you mean, they were taking marijuana in high school and then graduated to coke in college, and now they're into park avenue drugs, and they have a psychiatrist so they have a psycho pharmacologist? >> the girl you're speaking of, that's what she said. >> isn't that true in many cases? >> it's true in many cases. i think what's interesting about that particular aspect is one young woman told me she has been taking adderall. she said one time she tried cocaine and it was horrible, a terrible version of the drug she was prescribed. she said why would i ever do coke? it raises the interesting point that in some cases people have been self-medicating for years. they have been taking alcohol to relax, cocaine to jump themselves up, and if these prescription drugs do whatever that job is in a more precise, effective, less dangerous way, i'm not sure that's a bad thing. >> what's the percentage of cases that you see, do you feel that drug usage on the level -- both levels we're talking about, whether they are high powered to treat schizophrenia, which you are not principally talking about here at all, correct? >> yes. >> even though the drugs you are are talking about do have a limited medicinal effect in getting people through a temporary anxiety period, but we're not talking about clinical depression here. >> we are talking about clinical depression here. >> but there is a depression that is owning to the loss of a child, which is maddening thing. that's not really what you're talking about. you're talking about essentially recreational with some requirem circumstances, and that could be from the outside or the inside. >> well, some of the cases, some of the people i was talking to, they may use that kind of lingo and adopt a cool and casual attitude, but a lot of these people if you really question them, they are severely depressed. they have had a lifetime of depression, and these medicines have altered the course of their lives. even if they are being light about it, the fact is they have healed major problems with. this. >> that's a great point. there's a very good thing in this article, which is that these medications really have become far less stigmatized because most everybody in america knows somebody in their family or among their friends who has taken one or another of these medications and their lives are substantially better. >> selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors. ssri. what does that mean? >> what that means that these are medications which particularly impact seratonin in the brain, and basically they boost seratonin levels in the brain, and when that happens, we've seen that mood improves, anxiety and anxiety falls. >> and you prescribe on the basis of that perceived need in seratonin, correct? you can't diagnose physiologically a low level of seratonin, can you? >> well, you actually can. patients have asked me about this, but i tell them i don't think you would want to do it, because we can do a spinal tap and we can get the spinal fluid level of seratonin and tell whether or not that's low. most people don't want to get a spinal tap to get treated for depression. >> i want to make one thing clear, and that these drugs are are prescribed for a physiological -- correct me if i'm wrong -- deficiency in the brain. is that correct? an imperfection? in the brain? if you had a perfectly functioning brain, you wouldn't need these drugs. >> who has a perfectly functioning brain? >> there are people. there may not be many of them, but there are people who are doing just fine. >> so that really, in itself, eliminates a great deal of the stigma, because you're talking about a physiological deficiency, correct? >> yes, and the good thing that's happened is we know much more about what's going wrong in the brains of people who are depressed and anxious now. >> so people who want to continue taking their pills, some of them go off the pills. they experience extreme withdrawl and they also go haywire and they go back on the pills, as molly small describes vividly, right? >> yes. >> so the major lesson that i see here is what is different from old school is that we're talking here about physiology, to some extent? >> i think the big lesson here is if you're having symptoms, see a doctor, and take medicine among other treatment options as a doctor recommends. if you take these medicines the way we recommend, you won't get in any trouble from taking them. yes, there are side effects. it's not like they're miraculous, but by and large, if patient dozen as i tell them to, they don't get into trouble. >> what does clonopin do? >> it is the same family of valium, a long-acting version of valium. it is useful for anxiety. it is used for both of those conditions. >> what does ambien do for you? >> knocks you out and puts you to sleep fast. ambien, correct me if i'm wrong, when it says in the physician's desk reference is no one knows why it works t is mysterious. >> it is not that mysterious. it is not in the valium family structurally, but the way it works is just the way valium and clonopin and other medicines in that group work. >> is it addictive? >> is there a physiological compulsion to continue using the drug that transcends reasons or transcends any medical inclination, physiologic in its come pulcompulsion? >> there are some people who take ambien for long periods of sometime will not be able to sleep without it. >> are there those who try to force the drug in this fashion that they will resist the sophoric impact and refuse -- >> people use these drugs creatively. people will use ambien and not allow themselves to fall asleep. >> they get into what state of mind? >> hallucinations. some people can't sleep on t it doesn't work for everybody. is there a large black market for these medications? >> i don't know what large mean. there is certainly a black market. >> so there is trading and mixing and matching that goes on among users, correct? >> sure. >> that then is the kick, is it not? >> is it? what's a kick? if you're taking it because you want to relax on an airplane, is that recreational or medicinal? that's why i think there is a fine line sometimes. >> and in the introduction to your bios, i raised the question of whether or not there are societal forces at work, which are due impacts psychologically so there is a need to develop. what comes to mind immediately is 9/11. >> absolutely. the use of these medications went up across the nation after september 11 and in the months odirectly after september 11, they went up way more in new york city, double the rest of the country in terms of benzodiazepines and sleeping pills an 6 times as much as antidepressants. >> what do you think the role of external circumstances in inducing needs that are visible because of increasing anxiety? >> i think 9/11 is a perfectly good example. yes, that the use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety agents went up in new york, but what impresses me more is the resilience of the human spirit. millions of new yorkers kept going, didn't get lots of mental health treatment, didn't start taking medications. people by and large are really resilient, and the vulnerable ones who have some external circumstance will get tipped over. >> did you experience patients who might say we are moving in a cum tour where we have -- culture where we have gwen ten tarantino and his blood-soaked films, ghoulish crime scenes, hannibal lechter, big screens and tv screens, and twin peaks. >> to be honest, those influences are comparatively trivial. the world health organization emphasizes that in the year 2020, untreated depression is going to be the leading cause of impact on quality of life worldwide. this is not the kind -- this is from the world health organization. >> is there anything in the culture, in society that is different from before that is creating an alteration of mental outlook? >> sure. i think that the heightened security in the united states after the terrorist attacks. >> not in the world of entertainment? >> it is them as well as everybody else. >> we have the next generation of psychiatric drugs coming along. what do you see there, dr. brian doyle? >> i see medications that are going to be at least as effective as the ones we have now, if not more effective, with more favorable side effects. >> have you heard of free gavelin? >> yes. >> what is it? >> it it the first generation of drugs that will affect the inside the brain cells an alter the way they work. that's where the central problems with and that's the hope of the future. >> are we talking genetics here? >> ultimately, we may be, actually. >> because there's reference to that in this new book that i just got by chance, better than prozac, samuel h.barrantes, quite a story there, that they can manipulate genes so as to provide a level of what, sanity, full sanity that the victim had been deprived of. do you want to make any points on the subject of the future? >> i think it would be exciting to say we are able to invent drugs that can work a longer period of time. the complaint is that people will an srri that works and it will peter out and then they have to find a different one that works. >> it happens in a small minority of patients t doesn't happen often. >> and with benzodiazepines, people have to take more and more. they become less effective. >> that's not true, not for my patients f people are using these medications as they are indicated for medically -- in fact, my patients use of benzodiazepines goes down, because they get less anxious. they start saying i can do this. i don't need all this medicine. so the medicine use goes down. >> the economic implications of this. does insurance pay for the kinds of drugs we have been talking about here? >> yeah. >> they do? >> uh-huh. >> is that what is driving up the drug costs? >> i think what's interesting is that they will pay for these medicines but they won't usually pay for psychotherapy. i think that is an unfortunate situation that does lead people towards using drugs without getting ad adequate talking car. >> or without going to a proper physician. a proper physician is a psychologist or a psychiatrist, not a general practitioner. >> more psychiatric patients are seen by primary care physicians han will ever be seen by psychologists or psychiatrists. >> absolutely. >> you feel that is dangerous because it could be mis mis-prescriptions? >> doctors are getting better at diagnosing and treating mental illness in the framework of primary care. >> you also have your whore stories about primary physicians who have erred and those mistakes have been ruinous, is that true? >> yes. but that's the case of any aspect of medicine about any condition. >> why don't they refer in all instances? >> because there are not enough of us. there are a small number of psychiatrists. we are only 7% of american physicians. there aren't many. >> why? >> because not a lot of people go into the specialty. >> don't you discuss that when you have your professional trade association meetings and i say y are our numbers so few? >> i think we're too busy trying to figure out what we can do to help the people we're trying to see. >> do you recruit? >> i've been very involved in medical student education for years. at least indirectly i hope i have been recruiting in psychiatry for a long period of time. >> do you have more to say on why there aren't more recruits? have you thought of going into sigh kapsychiatry yourself? >> no, no. >> where does freud stand today? >> freud is unfashionable. a lot of what he contributed was enormously useful and continues to be. >> i declared him to be the greast originalhinker o the ceury. >> he was an astonishingly omhe sa ioint out that the condns elimator physical health, ss yes. >> you s mediti asdo>> no. weino are willing t wghom he notazepis are willing t wghom he notazepis fosuwo ipas
Sep 17, 2010 4:30am PDT
>>> blown away. a violent storm wreaks havoc as it sweeps through new york city. >>> use hoax, a washington state woman admits wounds in an acid attack were self-inflicted. >>> palin power. the former alaska governor heads to iowa today in what may be the first step towards a run for the white house. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, september 17th, 2010. good morning on this friday. good to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. in new york, folks are preparing for a rough commute. a violent and fast-moving storm tore through the city. at least one person was killed, commuter trains were knocked out, and roads were blocked by downed trees. hurricane-force winds were recorded, and today the national weather service will determine if a tornado touched down. packing winds near 100 miles per hour, the storm sliced through the city in just minutes. tearing trees from the ground, ripping bricks from buildings, and knocking out power to tens of thousands. >> my used-to-be car is now a convertible. i've seen bad winds. this, they said there was a tornado warning. i thi
Sep 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
♪ god speed your love to me ♪ to me ♪ to me >>> good morning. you're looking at live pictures of the three places that were hit on this day nine years ago. new york, the pentagon, and also shanksville, pennsylvania, where a plane went down after the heroes of this day kept that plane from making it to its intended target. we wl be checking in at al three of theselacesre as we remember what happened on this day nine years ao when nearly 3,000 people re killed in the attacks of september 11th. but good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmesth coming to you this morning from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia. it's 8:00 a.m. where i sit heree this morning. we have ceremonies going to be taking place starting in about 40 minutes new york. we will take you back to ground zero. first, an update on a story that has captured this country's and the world's attention over the past several days, the issue o the proposed koran burning in florida. a pastor there, terry jones, you know his name by now, i just want to give you this update that, in fact, he has minutes ago coming out and saying in a live interview on nbc that there will be no koran burning. he didn't just say it has been suspended, he said it has been canceled. he said he won't do it now. he won't do itever. he said it will not happen. so that story about the proposed koran burning has now been done away with in some respect, if you will, if you believe what he's saying, and he says he will not be burning a koran. more details on that coming in a bit. juted to get that bit of news out of the way here. >>> let's move back to what we should be thinking and talking about today, that is the memories of those killed on this day nine years ago in new york, washington, d.c., and also in shanksville, pennsylvania. let's start in new york. the program there set to get under way here in about 40 minutes. what you're going to see there is four different moments of silence. the first is going to be at 8:46 a.m. that is going to observe when the first plane struck the north tower. then immediately after, family members are going to start being allowed into the world trade center site. then coming up, the second moment of silence will be at 9:03 a.m. that is when the second plane hit the south tower. then at 9:30, letting you know the schedule here as we go throughout the morning. at 9:30 it's going to be when president obama not in new york but in washington, d.c. is going to make an address at the pentagon. then back to new york at 9:59, another ment of silence. that is when the south tower fell. thenoming up in 10:00 hour, the former first lady, laura bush, and the current first lady, michelle oma, will be speaking at the ceremonies in shanksvil shanksville, pennsylvania. at10:38 another moment of silence will be held to mark when the north tower fell. on the side of your screeyou will see a liveicture there in new york. that's at ground zero where the vice president is there now. the vice president joe biden is going to be speaking and being a part of the ceremonies there. you see him alongside the new jers governor right behind him, chris christie and the new york governor david paterson there as well. you can see him greeting first responders or family members of the victims of that day. these ceremonies will be taking place throughout the morning. again, that one ing new york getting under way in 35 minutes. we will take you back there live and you will hear the vice president's rarks live, the present's remarks live in washington. you will also hear from the first lady as well. but our susan candiotti -- and we have a team of reporters at all o these sanes. but susan candiotti is where we're going to start. she near ground zero. susan, good morning to you once again. >> good morning, t.j. obviously here in new york, the pain is especially different for people who live here about the events of 9/11 as people share what happened of that day, share the in of what happened that day, as well. and, of course, there is a heightened sense of security this day around ground zero. a number of street closings around this site as they prepare for the memorial and families, of course, are already on-site. you're seeing the activity down there now with vice president biden andh his wife, with mayor bloomberg. both the governors of new york and new jersey are also here this day. they obviously will be meeting with families throughout the morning, shaking their hands, trying to give them some strength and support as well. anfor the first time on this anniversaryls families will als be interacting with someor o th people who are working on the 9/11 memorial, which will be opening one year from today. we have thatro guarantee from t people who are a part of that construction. for the first time family members will be able to see some tangible progress as we mentioned earlier. they will see the outline of the reflecting pools which will mark the footprints of both towers that were destroyed that day and killed nearly 3,000 souls during all the attacks. and also this year, unlike other anniversaries, there is that controversy, the controversy that is brewing over in proposed islamic center and mosque that they're talking about building about two blocks away from here. there will be rallies later this day about that. and also in new york, as you indicated, the florida minister who has flown here last night, but he got an frunexpected reception from the police department. and, in fact, new york city police commissioner ray kelly told us that they had a mting with him last night and they t of sed not to let him o their sight. >> we metfimwhen he got off the plane last evening. had an extensive discussion with him. we believe we know what he's plans are, at least what he says his plans are. we're going to know where he is at all times. we'll keep a close tab on him. yoknow, it's difficult to say whether or not it's raised the problem level here, if you will. but we're going to keep a close tab on him today and tomorrow. >> of course, that has to do with the rallies that are taking place later this day. but at this hour, on this morning, this is all about the anniversary of the destruction of the world trade ceers. t.j., back to you. >> all right, susan candiotti, we appreciate you once again. we're keeping a close eye, we can show you that picture, we can see the vice president and the mayor as well beginning to gather and get in place. we know the ceremony will take place in about 30 minutes. we will bring it to you live. the vice president, also jiw biden, his wdife. the family started gatherin here in new york about an hour ago, started showing up on-site. they have a specific place, zuccotti park, they started to gather there about an hour ago. zuccotti park is a block from the site. we have seen this yeaafteri year where t family members are paired up and they read the names of every single person killed on that day. those readings are going to take place today as well, going to last until maybe noon or 12:30 today. there are 2,752 names. that's how many people were killed on that day at the world trade center site. a couple hundred others were killed at the pentagon and also in shanksville, pennsyarlvania, making it nearly 3,000 people who were killed that day. again, all the men you see there huddled up, governors of new york and new jersey as well as the mayor of new york will all be participating in the ceremony. we'll take you there live. you know the story out of pennsylvania. the way the story goes. the passenger of that united flight 93 helped avert another disaster. they took down the terrorists on plane. ourandra endo is live in shanksville, pennsylvania, where the first lady michelle obama as well as the former first lady laura bush will be taking part in the commemorations today. sandra, good morning to you. and of course, so much attention always focused on new york. and rightly so. but a lot of attention should as well be fous focused on th pentagon and where you are in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> that's right, t.j. good morning. it's starting to fill up here. friends and family members of the victims of united flight 93 are gathering here for this solemn ceremony. as you mention ed -- the ceremoy today. this is the spot where i'm standing -- nine years ago there was no response from united flight 93. thenhis ominous threat from a hijacker. >> ladies and gentlemen, here's the captain, please sit down, keep remained seated. >> reporter: now an american flag flies in the breeze, standing strong in a bail of hay, marking the crash site where passengers on flight 93 fought for their lives, for the country, for freedom, rrovercomg the terrorists on board. the notes and momentos at the temporary place is gathered up making way for a permanent memorial to mark the resting ground for the everyday americans who rose to meet the extraordinary circumstances on flight. his brother joey was one of them. >> the common goal here is to see that the heroes of flight 93 are honored and cherished for generations to come. >> it's really funny, it's harder to leave herehan it is to come here. >> reporter: the 2000-acre memorial site is protected naonal parkland. expected to attract a quarter of a million wvisitors a year. >> we wanted to capture the setting for the site, so when you come here it's not manhattan, it's not the pentagon, it's rural pennsylvania. >> reporter: a special place where gordon visits often to remember his brother edward. >> there's something about this site that just naturally gives someone comfort and a sense of peace. this is a finalac rheesting pla. this is where, you know, our loved ones lost their lives. but it's a peaceful setting. >> rorter:er peaceful ander somr place today where this morning the names of the 40 victims will be read and a bell will also toll for each of them. this is scheduled to get under way in about an hour and a half. >> sandra endo, appreciate you. >>> so many of us have seen the pictures of what happened on 9/11. there are plenty of people that day who lived through it. they were in new york city that day. so what? exactly was itlike? well, aot of people know what it was like, including lot of our cnn reporters who were there that day. we will talk to one of our reporters, share his experience as you look at a liv picture of ground zero where the memorial will now open next year as scheduled. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just anothecar. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster. >>> well, 13 minutes past the hour now. we are just about 20, 25 minut away from the official s start the ceremony at ground zero. we have been checking in this morning with people certainly who were there who lost loved on ones. i want to turn nowo t our cnn radio correspondent steven castisenbound, he is here with this morning from ground zero. appreciate you coming in with us. what's it always like being back down there, but especially being back down there at ground zero on this day? >>ou know, t.j., anyblock you stand on here in lower manhattan near ground zero hasfo a memory for many of us. and no matter whenou're here, whether it's september 11th o on any other day you can't help but take yourself back to that day on 2001 whenou were down here. and i still see the sit. i can still hear the sounds of that day. i remember what i did on a particular corner, who i interviewed, the sites i awers i remember a month later they haa memorial service here right along trlhe perimeter of e erld trade center. at was a very emotional day. it was the first time thousands family members were able to t and the to the site dres were still burning in the pile deep down below while this memorial service was taking place and most of the relatives still had no ideave atwh had happened to their loved ones. those memories will always with me. >> steven, i askeda a question quof another one of our employees of cnn down there nine years ago. oftentimes in this business we get out to the scene and go right to work. did you find yourself down there back then getting right to work and almost ignoring and not even taking in so much of what was haening around you or could you not help but understand the magnitude of what was happening and for a much part of it you weren't necessarily just a reporter? >> you know, iwas unlike any story i had ever covered before and all of my colleagues say the same thing. nothing could have prepared us r fo wthe things we saw, the things we heard on that day,si some terrible sights. and you get to work on a disaster story and usually you're trying to turn off your emotions because you have a job to do. day, it was impossible. you really could not turn yourself off. it was reall difficult to focus on the task at hand. i remember on one corner just a few blocks north of here they had dropped off -- i don't even know how they wounder up there, but there was a pile of two by fours and volunteers came by out of nowhere and hammering gether makeshift stretchers that were prumes tably going toe used for the injured that they thought would be pulled from the pile. and you know, it' an emotional thing because you realize many of the folks who were going to be carried out of there were not going to be alive and it's hard not to be afted by sites like that when you're covering a story by this magnitude. >> a story like none other and hopefully one this country would never have to cover again. steven, weppreciate you taking the time out for us on this nine-year anniversary. talk to u again soon. >>> as we know, many first responders at ground zero d are still to this day battlingme illness. and some help is on the way, some would hope. the 9/11 health and compensation act. it ha't b ecome law yet, some nine years later. what's the hold-up and what are the chances that it could get passed soon? it's 17 minutes past the hour. ncer ] gladys has always loved the scent of gain laundry detergent. and the moment she set eyes on gain fabric softener... she found herself overwhelmed with desire. ♪ ahhhhh, the things we do for love. the amazing scent of gain in detergent, fabric softener, and now in a dish soap too. wow. sniff sniff hooray! can your moisturir amado tha? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. >>> at 18 minutes past the hour taking a look at the stories making headlines. promised release of an american hiker now canceled. you remember this young lady, you see her there, one of three americans held in an iranian prison for more than a year now. charged with spying. iran had said they were possibly going to be released or at least releasing one of them, the lady, but now the judicial process not complete just yet. there are also concerns for this young lady's healthnow. a lump habeen found in her breast. >>> also this rning, i tol you this at the top of theor ho, bu pastor terry jones now says he will not burn any koran, now or in the future. you're seeing video of him arriving in new york city last night. new york city police met him k there and are going to ke up with him, they say, while he's in town. commissioner ray kelly say they're doing that for his own safety there. this pastor caused a national and even international uproar by announcing this was international burnor a kan day and he would do that in florida. well, now, this morning, in a live interview on nbc he said, in fact, he will not burn a koran and he will not do it any time in the future. >>> also, take a look at san bruno, california now. federal investigators are getting involved after that xplosion that nural gas fire and explosion. 30-inch pipe exploded o thursday night. it burned a number of homes in this one particular neighborhood. four people were killed. three have now been identified, including a mother and her 13-year-old daughter. again, three dozen homes destroyed. 20 past the hour. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. tiyou know, with progressi, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message. 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and if so, is this a no-brainer, this will pass? >> well, the democtic leadership assured me that it would come under a regular rule. we also have more momentum now because leader reid in the senate is supporting it along with our senators and also president obama has come out strongly for the bill. i have every belief and good wishes that this will come to the floor without politics. it is my hope and expectation that the republican leadership and the democratic leadership will come together and pass this noble bill to help theeroes and heroines of 9/11. that is my hope. >> president obama came t saying he was in favor of the bill. does it also help with the momentum because right now people's minds are on 9/11? >> oh, absolutely. and the exposure that you and others are giving to the families, to the sufferers, to the remembrance to remind us that really of the strength of that day, the healing that's taking place. but we can't forget the men and women who sacrificed their health to help others. we know on 9/11 we lost almost 3,000 new yorkers, but thousands and thousandsmore lost their health. and many are sick and dying with cancer, with what we call the 9/ cough, from the debris, the pulveriz glass, the mixture of fuel and oil which is creating a coating on many people's lungs. so it's truly very important that we passit it. it's life saving. it's weren't. it's the least that we can do to help those who were there to help us. >> all right. like you say, it could bf e jusa couple of weeks before we see this come up for a vote in the house once again. representative maloney, we appreciate you taking time out with us on this 9/11. >> t.j., thank you for your concern and for bringing this story to thepublic and urge them to call their senators and congress members to support this important bi. it's the least we can do as a grateful nation. thyoma'am. thank you. we will absolutely continue to follow it and follow up and see, in fact, if you do get what you were promised, that vote up there on capitol hill. thank you so much, ma'am. we'll check in with her certainly down the road. >>> here we are coming up on the bottom of the hour now. in just a few minutes away from the start of the actual memoriae ceremo there at 9/11. we are as well in a moment going tohiake a look at what this l aa is going to lookike a year from now. th isround zero now. a memorial has been in t works that should be up and running, we're told, a year from today. we'll give a closer look to what memorial will look like as we come up on the bottom of the hour. these are live pictures of people now starting to gather there, family members clearly some people with signs showing pictures showing their loved ones that were lost on that day. again, 2,752 people died right there at that spot nine years ago today. i want to give my 5 employees health insurance, but i just can't afford it. i have diabetes. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insuran. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at ic america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. it's not just fair, it's the law. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wield with precision. >>> welcome back on this saturday morning, on this september 11th, 2010, nine years now after the attacks of 9/11. you are seeing a live picture of aer reflecting pool and where people have leftrn roses this morning as the nation starts, once ain, its remembrance ceremonies. american flag waving in the wind there at ground zero. families beginning to gather and othe as well. ceremonies set to begin in about eight minutes from now. we will certainly take you back there live. i do want to, before we get to all that, give you an update on a story that this country and literally the world has been watching. that man, terry jones, the pastor of that church in gainesville, florida, who said he planned a burn the koran day today. you'rew seeing pictures of him land in new york city last night. but this morning in a live interview on nbc he said, in fact, the event is canceled. holding an event to burn the koran today. and sd he also said he won't do ever. this is not just postponed, that could come back at a later date. but he says, he's telling nbc that he will not be holding an event to burn the koran. this story has gone out across the world. there have been protests in other parts of the country, including -- excuse me, parts of the world, including afghanistan and pakistan. people protesting what this man was planning to do and many thought this would further hurt relations between americans and the musl a community. here and around the world. but, in fact, he is now canceled that event. in fact, just a short time ago live on an interview here with me commissioner ray kelly of the new york police department says they met him at the airport last night when he arrived and they're going to keep a very close eye on him while he's in new york. >> we met him when he got off the plane last evening. we had an extensive discussion with him. we believe we know what his plans are, at least what he says his plans are. 're going to know where he is at all titimes. we'll keep a close tab on him. you know, it's difficult to say whether or not it's raised the problem level re, if you will, but we're going to keep a close tab on him today and tomorrow. >> yes, and he says they're keeping a close tab for his own safety, for the pastor's safety. commissioner kelly telling me that, in the, tfact, the pastor them he will be leaving new york on monday. also don't know if he has any meeting set up with the imam who is trying to set up that islamic center and mosque near ground zero. of course, that pastor came out and sa id he had a meeting set p with the imam. re imam agreed to move the proposed islamic center somewhere else. that wasn't the case. not sure what he w doing in new york, but a lot of people will be relieved to hear at least that he is cancel that planned rning of the koran. says he will never ever have an event relike that in the future. >>> let me give you a look right now at other stories we are keeping a close eye on today including out in california where federal investigators are now looking for a cause of that assive explosion and fire near asan francisco. we're told a 30-in pipe exploded in san bruno. four people were killed,three now identified,er including a mother and her 13-year-old daughter. ree dozen homes were destroyed in this thing. >> also, today's release of an american hiker from a prison there in iran has beennc cancel. sarah is one of the three americans who had been held there more than a year they've been held. they've been charged with spying by iran. and we had gotten word yesterday, the day before, that, in fact, she was going to be released this weekendn but now iranian officials say that is not the case and the judicial process has n b been completed. they have concerns about her health now. reportedlywa a lump was found i her breast. we will follow that story and see what happens. >>> we're back now with the 9/11 remembrance today. even talking about politics for a change right now. even though we are in an election season. everybody paused at least for today. the president's weekly radio address and the gop reply would normally poke holes at each other's litical agenda. not today. the two sthides pay tribute to e people who died and families who mourned them and those who tried to save them. >>be today we pause to remember day that tested our country. on september 11th, 2001, nearly 3,000 lives were lost in the deadliest attack on american soil in our history. we will never forget the images of planes vanishing into buildis, of photos hung by the families of the missing. we will never forget the anger and the sadss that we felt. while nine years have come and gone since that september morning the passage of time will never diminish the pain and loss forever seared in the consciousness of our nation. that's why on this day we pray with the families of trnose who died, we mourn with the husbands and wives, the children and parents, friends and loved ones. we think about the milestones that have passed over th course of nine years, births and christenings, weddings and graduations, all with an empty chair. on this day we also honor those who died so tat others might live, the firefighters and first responders who climbed the stairsf two burning towers, the passengers who stormed a cockpit, and the men and women who have the years since worn the uniform of this country and given their lives so that our children could grow up in a safer world, and acts of courage and decency, they fended a simple precept, i am my brother's keeper, i am my sister's keeper. and on this day we recall that at our darkest moment we summoned a sense of unity and common purpose. we responded to the worst kind of depravity with the best of our humanity. >> the ninth anniversary of 9/11 should cause us to think hard about the enemy that attacked us and will do so again if rerelax our efforts. direct to remember that are but one ofks the tactics of this termined enemy. today we should remember the victims of 9/11 and their families. we should also recall the sacrifice of those in our military, including the loved ones of those lost. others, civilians and intelligence officers, deserve our deepest gratitude. tomorrow and beyond, we should recapture the unity that allowed us to come together as a nation to confront a determined enemy. that is neither a republican nor a democratic challenge. that is an american challenge. >> we have been askin you out there for some of your thoughts. verybody, josh levs remember dawhere'ey were on this day. interesting to see some of the things people have been sending? we>> it has, yeah. a we're going to look at that. one group of people you might never have heard from ever since 9/11. a group of young people who were in a school in shanksville, pennsylvania, right near where the plane crashed there, flight 93. i'm going to play you a couple of clips now of what some of these students are saying from a video from the national parks service. let's take a look. >> i remember watching the tv and the world trade towers bein hit and thinking, this can't be happening here. this is america. this happens in -- of other places.ab we're untouchable. just that sense of security kind of being rocked. >> when it happened it was -- you know, a big fireball, shook the building. it scared me to see my classmates underneath desks and king cover like what's going to fall from the sky next. >> we're ao hearing from you on facebook and twitter. we have some of those next hour. for now, t.j., i think we need to get to one of the ceremonies taking place. >> lets me go to this live picture starting at 8:40, right on time. intting this started. gpipers and drummers coming in. this is the beginning of the officialceremony that, again, we're going to see four different moments of silence. the first at 8:46. at is when the first plane hit the first tower, the north tower, on this day nine years ago. i'm going to go ahead and just listen in as this ceremony begins. ♪ ♪ ♪ an accidental touch can turn ordinary into something more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. 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[ moment of silence ] it was once impossible to believe that two soaring towers possibilities could be so coldly silenced. throughout the years we have sought consolation in what we have learned, that those we lost live on in our memory. and that a c measure of grace c be found in the determination to take up the life before us. thewr poet archibald wrote, eve among the ruins shall begin the work, large in the level morning of the light, one man in the sun alone walks between the silence and the stone. >> my name is larry mcgovern. my mother a worked on the 92 floor for aoem on tower two. i come from a great big crazy irish family, and my mother was the criest of us all. she was also the glue that kept us together. she was an incredible sportswoman and a very strong advocate of women athletes. she was opinionated and noisy, fun and competitive, and always, always fair. sportsmanship, she said, is what sports and life are all about. a young woman she once coached wrote me this, your mother inspired me to be the best athlete i could ever be. she influenced me to continue my athletics by giving me confidence in myself at very young age. for work my mother often had to be o on the road, and when she could, she would be on the golf course or watching my kids f at game. but as fate would have it nine years ago she was at her desk. maybe another day she wouldn't have. every year since 2002 i have given out a sportsmanship award at my children's school to a graduating eighth grade girl who st embodies the drive for excellence coupled with grace and sportsmanship. and what i realized is that i am describing is my mom, my family and i hope that her spirit, crazy and wonderful and full of fairness will live on and on. god speed, mom. you're always in our thoughts and prayers. >> you just heard from larry mcgovern there talking about his mother that he lost. people have fondories of the ones they lost that day. and his mom was the craziest of them all tthe family, talking about how he has continued her legacy of helping young people over the years. we will continue to keep a close eye. we're going to bring you more of this ceremony, like ie ju said. we've just been the first of four moments of silence we'll see out of new york. this isn't the only ceremony going on today. also ceremonies happening in shanksville, pennsylvania, as well as at the pentagon today. this is the one in shanksville, pennsylvania. this is in western, the southern -- southwestern part of the state there where people are gathering. and that is the place where the plane went do. 40 people were killed on that plane. they're accredited with bringing that plane town, overtaking the hijackers and keeping them from reaching the intended target. the first lady michelle obama as well as the former first lady laura bush will both be participating in that ceremony. we'll take you there live. alsovents happeninger at the pentagon. thiss where the president, president obama will be participating in aak live ceremy that's taking place at the bottom of the hour. this place is where, of course, another plane crashed at 9:37 a.m. eastern time. american airlines flight 77er a where 184 people we killed. quick break. businesses more efficiently, >>> now, eight minutes to the top of the hour. i tell you what, we are keeping an eye on right now, that's a live picture. they have just started the ceremony, memorial service there at ground zero. this i what we have seen year after year at these memorial services. they read every single name of the people who were killed there on that day nine years ago today. there are some 2,752 people killed right there, right there at ground zero. you see what happens every year. we've se plenty of that in the crowd. people have pictures of those killed. these are all family members who are participating in this ceremony. they will be allowed to tour ground zero. we're keeping a close eye on that. another moment of silence scheduled at 9:03 when the second plane hit the south tower. then we're going to hear from the vice president joe biden. we will take you back there live in just a moment. >>> also want to tell you about a couple other things this morning. the first living recipient of th medal of hor fisrom iraq or afghanistan will be decoratedwht the white house. this is staff sergeant salvatore guinta honored for his accttionn afghanistan in october 2007. according to officials, 25-year-old saw two taliban fighters drag a fellow soldier away. he ran after them, killed one of them, wounded the other. the soldr though, he was trying to help, later died from wounds but he did not allow that soldier to be captured. >>> also, we are expecting the possible release of an american hiker from a prison in iran but now we're told that has been canceled. sarah shurid is on of three americans held for more than a year now, had been charged with spying. iran's judiciary now saying they are objecting to her release, saying the process has not yet beenth completed. there are also concerns now about her health and reportedly a lump has been found in her brst. >>> again, we are nine years to the day of the 9/11 attacks. we are watching ceremonies thatg are taking place at ground zero in new york, also taking place in shanksville, pennsylvania also at the pentagon, that is where the president, we'll hear from him at the bottom of the hour. there that shot is at the pentagon. of course, 184 people killed there. another 40 killed when the plane went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. but again, new york, where 2,7 people were killed. we have an eye on all of these ceremonies. we will take you there. the hi? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. 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look good. the reason why thie ngs are goi to be fine in the northeast, they should be, because this area of high pressure are keeping things dry. in the forth west, this boundary, all that drifting to the east. pennsylvania may deal with the rafall later on. meanwhile, in d.c. it looks pretty good. out to the west though, parts of the central rocky, hh pressure isoing to keep things very dry there. not really what you want if you happen to be a firefighter battling a blaze in boulder, colorado. the wind though, should be much weaker today than the past couple of days. out to the west coast, dry dathere, too. coming day, expect more cloud cover and with that a chance of scattered showers, possibly a few storms in northern california. speaking of some rough stuff for you. temperatures still warm on the gulf coast. muggy for houston. 93, the high. 94 in dallas. 75 in billings. 79 in new york. 79 inwa boston. washington, d.c. with 81 oi degrees. now, we're going to leave the u.s. and head out to the center of the atlantic where we're watching two separate things. one, this wave moving off the coast of africa. th e second would be this syste. this happens to be igor, faiy strong tropical storm. winds at 70 miles per hour. once it gets to 74 it's going to pass a threshold and become ais hurricane. this storm is actually forecast to become a fairly big hurricane. perhaps a major hurricane. as we fast forward to thursday, this day last one you see here north of the leeward islands, winds very strong, hurricane status. it's still a long way to say whether it's going to affect the u.s. but by the end of next week we could have heavy surf action to say the very least along the seaboard. quick snapshot of your forecast. again, weather looks like it's going to cooperate for all the big events scheduled for today. >> thank you. >>> those big events he's talking about, of course, here we are on the nine-year anniversary of th splechbteptem 11th attacks. first, in new york citwhere the ceremony for the memorial is under way. got under way just aut 20 minutes ago. we've already observed one moment of silence. there's going to be four different moments of silence today. all of them marking some moment from that day. two of those moments of silence marking when the planes went into the towers. another two moments marking when those towers came down. now we switched over to the picture of the pentagon now. this is where president obama is going to be attending a ceremony. expecting him there at the bottom of e hour. the penton also hit on this day nine years ago. specifically 9:37 a.m. when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. 184 people we killed there. also, in shanksville,, pennsylvania, you'll know this story and know it well. this is where a plane went down. this was united airlines flight 93 out of newark that, as story goes, people on that airplane took down those terrorists and kept those terrorists from hitting their intendedow target. no way to know for sure to know what that intended target was. it's possible that they kept ynotr tragedy from taking place on a tragic y. but again, some 40 people on that plane were killed when it went down. again, they're gathering there in shanksville, pennsylvania. this is where we will see the first lady and the former first lady both giving remarks. michelle obama will be there as well as laura bush. again, 40 people killed in shanksville when that plane went down. back to new york now where we are just about a 1 1/2 minutes aw from observing another moment of silence. you're seeing another pair. we've seen this year after year, people will go up and be a part of reading the names. there are 2,752 names that need to be read in new york. that's how many people were killed at that very spot where they are. this is at ground zero. this takes really until noon or possibly even past noon for this to happen. but these are often family members that they will be picked to go up and read a portion of the long list of names. but every year they go through this and they read every single name. we've seen shots of the crowd, as well. people out there gathered, as was, they have signs of their loved ones, pictures of their loved ones they will be holding up. young people down there cluchd closely to their parents. already remarks from the mayor, michael bloomberg. we're alsog goin to be hearding from the vice president joe biden there at the ground zero. we've seen pictures of him and his wife dr. jill biden there. again, 9:02 now, the other moment of silence coming up at 9:03. so we're going to stick with these picture as these twowrap up the reading of names. two of i believe 100 pairs of people who will be participating. so let's stop for a moment. [ moment of silence ] [ bell toll ] [ bell toll ] >> we come not to mourn but to remember and rebuild in the words of henry wadsworth longfollow the poem "the builters." all our architects of fate working in these walls of time, some wit massive deedswi and great, some with ornaments of rhyme, nothing useless or low, eachhing in its place is best, and what seems but idle show strengthens and supports the rest. for the structure that we raise, time is with materials filled, are today's and yesterday's are blocks with which we build. build today, then strong and sure with firm and ample base ands a se ands ascending and secure find n its place. thus alone we obtain to those turrets where eyes sees the world as one vast plain and one boundless reach of sky. >> my name is debra epps m and brother, christopher edepps, worked for mosh and mcclennan on the 98th floor of tower one. i workedacross the street from rld trade center, and when i got to work that day someone yelled, world trade center on fire. i knew my brother worked there, so i immediately left work to look for him. christopher was the youngest of our parents' seven children. he loved his family very deeply and would do anything for us. he loves "star wars" movies. and when i found out that he was inside the tower that had fallen, i wrote him this poem. my beloved brother, christopher, christopher, so handsome and, oh, so fine. with a heart of gold, why, oh why did you have to leave us behind? and i said to myself, i know why. god was looking for a captain of a ship, someone who qualiesa as a jedi. don't be dear brother, shy. your ship awaits you with 2,000 and more to stand by your side, to travel with you on your journey into the sky. your pancakes are on the griddle and there's plenty of sweet potato pie. oh, how i want to cry because when god had chosen you, he truly chose a jedi. may the force be with you, christopher epps, we love you nd you are embedded in our hearts forever. your family. >> born in india the american author moi once penned that hope knows no fear, hope dares to blossom, even in the abysmal abyss, hope secretly feeds and strengthens, promise. >> you just heard there reading from the- the governor of new york, david paterson. but before that, you get an idea of what people to this day are still going through. they are still trying to cope some nine years later. you heard debra epps there talking about her brother christopher being the youngest of sen, she said, and made the comment that, in fact, he was a "star wars" fan and in her poem she certainly wrote about him as being a ndjedi a may the force be with you. but we hear the reading of thes names continuing now. this is a process that certainly takes time. and rightly so. they take the time it takes to read 2,752 name today. they read them slowly and clearly. and many people in the crowd, clearly wait to hear those names read. you see people, people briing signs, pictures of their loved ones as well. here we are nine years later. we're keeping close eye of what's happening in new york but we're also keeping a close eye oneremonies taking pce in shanksville, pennsylvania, and also at the pentagon. the president will be particating in ceremonies at the pentagon today. those are scheduled to start here at the cinr bottom of the . you're certainly hear from him live but also live pictures of the pent i'll show you here. but they're going to be gathering there. ere 184 people died, also, so much emphasis is put on new york, rightly so, 2,7 a 52 people died that day. we're coming up on another moment we're going to be pausing to observe when that american airlines flight 77 hit there. again, shanksville pennsylvania, where the first lady is. we'll ta you the live as well throughout the morning. >>> let me turn to susan candiotti who has been reporting for us live at ground zero for us this morning. susan, a lot of people, i guess, you're passing on the street right now, passing you, i should say. not necessarily going to participate in the ceremony but still is the mood is that city, is everyone -- you can't help but have your mind on what happened right there nine years ago today. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. we've been seeing all kinds of people walking by and some of them stopping here at the where we are close top ground zero. you see tourists walking by. you see some peoplewho actually participated in the service, bagpipers, for example, pfiolic ficers, firemen have walked by. and also people who are part of tour groups who are here this day. they can't get inside ground zero but they can certainly get closed to it. i guess there's probably something about having some proximity to the events that are going on this day that certainly everyone here will remember. very touching memorials as we have all ben hearing from some of the family members here. you just heard from debra epps. also larry mcgovern talked abot losing his mother who worked on .he 92nd floor of tower two, wh was killed that day. and we will also be hearing from neilos pettitte who lost his brother, who is a police officer, glen pettitte, who also died that day. it's -- it's been a touching rvice, and unlike many other anniversaries because for the first timeth on this day the family members who are here are getting to see the progress that is being made at ground thzero. i think very few people probably know about how muchork has been going on because, as you drive around the site, it's ard to get that perspective. but yesterday we were very fortunate to get a look inside ground zero. and we were able to see the workers who were there 24 hours a day, around the clock. this is the only day whe they have stopped work. but families will see some tangiblee evidence of, for example, the reflecting pools being built and the footprints of each tower. they will see the wall that is being built and constructed that wi cll be containing the names all of the people who died that day. that's jus a small example. but also uike other years, there controversy surrounding the site of aic proposed islami center and mosque. that's also on the minds of people here because later on today there will be dualing ral liz abo lys about that. those who are against it and those who are in favor of that. we also hear from terry jones who arrived here from florida last night to the surprise of a lot of people, to appear on a news broadcast to say that he will not be burninang the koran. there will be no koran burnings at his church in gainesville. he saidot today and not ever, according to his appearance on nbc's "today" show. however, the new york police department is making very sure that they keep tabs on him, and they metith him last al anight. they talked about that with d kelly.ner ray and he discussed that also earlier today on cnn. here's part of wlyhat commissior ray kelly said about the visit of reverend jones. >> we met him when he got off the plane last evening. we had an extensive discussion with him. we believe we know what his plans are, at least what he says his plans are. we're going to know where he is at all times. we'll keep a close tab on him. you know, it's difficult to say whether or not it's raised the problem level here, if you will. but we're going to keep a close tab on him today and tomorrow. >> reporter: so toon be very clear, commissioner kelly says we'll kwhnow exactly where he i every minute of the day. however, at this hour and certainly until noontime today, all eyes are now on this memorial servicewhich, of course, is very touching. i'd like to wind up with something that mayor oomberg said. he said the best way through sorrow is to link hands with the who can lead us through the daybreak of a new day. t.j., back to you. >> all right, our susan candiotti for us in new york, not far from ground zero. susan, thank you. >>> and again, we ar keeping a close eye as we're seeing the picture. they are reading the names. that's happening right now at that memorial service. we're going to be going back ere in just a bit, as the names are being read. we'll be dipping in and out. another moment of silence is going to be observed at 9:59 a.m. that is when the south tower fell. but now i want to turn to washington, d.c. i want to turn to the pentagon specifically where another moment of silence will be observed at 9:37. that's just a short time from now. barbara starr is here with us. barbara starr, you were there nine years ago today. so often emphasis is put on new york andttention goes there because of how many people died there. but certainly we can't forget the pentagon or shanksville. >> oh, absolutely not, t.j. yeah, i was inside the pentagon nine years ago at 9:37 in the morning when american airlines flight 77 hijacked by terrists hit the building. 184 people dieing in that terrible attack that everyone at the pentagon remembers every day because the pentagon never shut down for business. that time, defense secretary don rumsfeld says he wasn't leaving and if he wasn't l eaving the generals, the admirals, the military, they certainly weren't leaving. that place stayed open, flames, smoke, terrible situation going on. the dead and the wounded were tended to. but really within minutes, i think it's fair to say the u.s. military, the bush administration at that time began planning the war in afghanistan. and, of course, we are nine years into that now. general david petraeus looking forro phagress in that very difficult war. now nearly 100,000 u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan, still going after the taliban, still going after al qaeda, osama bin laden not found, not captured, not killed. but the military in the last several weeks has been talking about they believe they're starting to make some progress in the war in afghanistan nine years later. now that they have more troops on the ground. this year, you know what i think is so different is people are already talking about next year, the decade, ten 9 years after 9/11. and it is the passage of time for the u.s. military. there's a whole new generation of troops fighting the war. and i want to relate that i recently met a young man, private first class migl garcia. he was wounded in afghanisintan the fight. we met him coming home wounded. he was coming back to ft. campbell, kentucky, with his bodies. home of the 101st airborne division. think about this. private first class miguel garcia21 years old. on the morning of the 9/11 attacks he was a 12 year old little boy. there is quite a passage of time here. t.j.? >> absolutely. i'm curious about,s it just in our nature, we think about those big anniversaries, 5, 10, 20, 25. you say people are already kind of looking ahead to the ten-year anniversary. why is that? it's l, you know, i guess in the american psyche. you know, it's those moments that are sort of markers, icons in the nation's history, if you will. certainly there was -- if you recall, celebration -- not celebrations, pardon me,mo memorials 50 years after the pearl harbor attacks. that's a muchi better way to describe it. and i think people are looking at that. for the pentagon, though, i think it is a little bit different because it ispl a pla ere people continue to come to work, even the next morning. and, of course, it was rebuilt, the attack site rebuilt and open for business one year to the day. so the pentagon is a place where people are very adamant, 9/11 e didn't sp them, they kept going just like the people in new york, just like the people in shanksville. >> like you say, stayed open for siness. barbara, thank you so much this morning. we will be talking to you again. we want to go from barbara there in d.c., we want to turn to shanksville, pennsylvania, ther other place that was part of this tragedy today.u. sandra, hello to you. ceremonies are about to get unr way there. you have a first lady and former first lady participating in ceremonies there. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. the ceremony is about to start just momentarily. bethe music has begun. you are hearing the music of the laurel hylands string quartet. it's really filling up. family mbers and friends of a the victims are gathering here r this very solemn day. as you mentioned, first lady, michelle obama, and former first lady laura bush will be speaking. where we are right now was the initial staging ground where family members gathered, talked to authorities nine years ago when the crash happened. now, the field where the plane landeds just beyond the stage back there. it is sacred ground. and nobody is allowed to go over there right now. the area is cordoned off. they are constructing a permanent memorial right now. so this is a very somber day. they are going to be naming the 40 victims that died that day, as well as ring a bell for each of the victims. again, it's going to get under way very shortly. and here in shasville, a very somber, sad, and reflective day on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. g >> sandra, can you give us an update as well? this is a long, pain staking process to try and get a permanent memorial built. there's been a lot of back and forth in that struggle. where are we now? >> well, the memorial was very difficult to really come together because this is a vast area of rural pennsylvania. we're talking about. there were so many land owners that each owned a piece of this 2,000-acre park that the national park service wanted to cli claim as a site of the permanent memorial. they had to sell the mineral richland they were sitting on. they got it all together now. it's going to be a 2,000-acre plot for this site. and it's also publicly and privately funded. they had to raise a lot of money for this. so far they've raised $12 million for the first phase. they broke ground just about a year ago. so that construction is under way right nowg. and they're hoping that will all be completed by this time next year. >> all right, sandra endo for us in shanksville, pennsylvania, where that ceremony is just gettiling under way. we will check back in live there. sandra, thank you sost much. >>> 20 minutes past the hour now. as you know we're keeping a close eye on all of these ceremonies, all happening live all getting under way. one already under way in new york city. another getting under way in shanksville. the pentagon set to get under way shortly. as you look at a live picture of family members reading the names of those killed on this day nine years ago. and there at ground zero where that ceremony is taking place we know so many people rushed in to help when those buildings fell, but some are still asking the, question, just who is helping them, the first responders? 21 past the hour. >>> taking a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. expected release an american hiker who is imprisoned i iran. hitting a bit of a snag. iranian media now reporting that sarah' lab rags hasn't been approved by the judiciary and her release has been postponed. she and two others have been held since july of last year. iran accusing them of being spies. >>> also, the gainesville, florida, preacher getting all kinds of attention this week announced this morning it will not happen, not now, not ever. terry jones is the name. you are seeing pictures of him arrive in new york last night. hoping to speak to the imam who is behind p t. pthe proposed ma. but the imam says no meeting is scheduled. new york police is keeping a close eye on the pastor for his own safety. >>> investigators will continue combing over the smoldering rubble that was once a san bruno neighborhood. trying to determine what sparked the natural gas fire there. four people were killed. dozens more hurt. dozens of homes destroyed. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing tlor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪ ♪ [ bob ] i didn't know you could play. i didn't either. ♪ when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan. >>> welcome ba to the cnn saturday morning. you know we're keeping an eye on all the memorial services taking place today on this nine-year anniversary of 9/11. i want to show you a picture of what we saw just a moment ago. the president, president obama, has made it to the pentagon. he's going to be there participating in the ceremony. this was just a moment ago. the president leaving a wreath there at the memorial at the pentagon. expecting to hear comments from him shortly. this was just a moment ago. the president has arrived on scene at the pentagon. 9:37 is the place where at a.m. nine years ago american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon, killing 184 people, 125 of those victims were inside the pentagon. this is a live picture now of the president. let's listen in for a moment. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral michael mullen. >> mr. president, secretary gate s, distinguished guests, most of all families and friends of those we lost on 9/11. inside the pentagon near the chapel lies a quiltn display. the quilt was stitched together by dozens of americans who simply is wanted those of us who suived the attack on this
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
accomplished in iraq, and the 143rd day since the deep horizon disaster in the gulf. please join us for the live edition of "countdown" weeknights at 8:00 p.m. be there. >>> deadly inferno. an explosion rocks a san francisco area neighborhood sending flames tearing through dozens of homes. >>> good samaritan to the rescue. a man tackles a bank robbery suspect in wisconsin. >>> and most giving. which countries are the most generous? >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with chaos in california. a thundering explosion in the san francisco suburb of san bruno triggered a wind-swept fire yesterday and continues this morning. incinerating at least 53 homes and killing at least one person. a natural gas pipeline exploded in the area thursday evening, one person is confirmed dead, at least 25 are injured and are being treated at area hospitals. fire officials estimate at least 100 residents have been sent to area shelters. as of now, at least 120 homes have been damaged. after the blast, flames were said to be shooting as high as 100 feet in the air. pacific gas and electric, the utility company that serves the bay area, has said it will take full responsibility if it is determined to be the cause of the fire. as of late last night, officials estimated the blaze was only 50% contained. >>> well, an emotional roller coaster yesterday regarding controversial plans by a florida pastor to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of 9/11. it was initially reported that the planned protest was canceled as part of a deal that would move the location of a highly publicized islamic community center in new york city. now that deal is being denied. we go to tracie potts for the latest. >> reporter: what is not clear this morning is what was said behind closed doors between this pastor and muslim leaders yesterday. today we know apparently an attempt to diffuse the situation may have made it worse. after a call from the pentagon and talks with muslim leaders, florida pastor terry jones said he would call off saturday's koran burning. >> we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: but hours later, jones accused the muslim leader standing next to him of lying about whether a mosque two blocks from ground zero, would be moved. so now jones says the event may be back on. >> we are a little bit back to square one. >> reporter: the florida imam said he agreed to ask new york investors to move the mosque but never promised it was a done deal. >> he clearly understood that there were no cut deals over there in new york. >> reporter: the new york team says they never agreed. now the white house may get involved. a white house spokesman accused jones of seeking publicity. >> this is a desperate man seeking the attention of the better part of the world. >> reporter: complicating things, donald trump offered to buy the new york mosque site for 25% more than investors paid. they turned him down. now, federal authorities say from a legal standpoint they don't believe there's anything that they can do to stop this event tomorrow. lynn? >> tracie, thank you. >>> the hot-button issues over burning the koran and the planned mosque near the world trade center site have collided. last night on "countdown" with keith olbermann, keith asked the director of the islamic society of central florida, imam muhammad musri, what he told the pastor of that group that wants to burn the korans on 9/11. >> i told him i arranged for a meeting up in new york if he gives up the event on saturday. and i told him clearly, i am not in any way connected to the event in new york. i have no control over it. i cannot promise you that it will be moved. but my position is for it to be relocated to more ideal position, somewhere we can avoid the controversy that's going on on that side. i said i advocate for that, prior to this incident here, and i'm willing to go personally to new york to do that. he clearly understood that there were no cut deals over there in new york. >> be sure to join keith olbermann each night as he counts down the day's stories, that's weeknights at 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc, the place for politics. >>> a federal judge in california is planning to issue an injunction to stop the government from enforcing a ban on openly gay service members in the military. yesterday the judge declared the don't ask don't tell policy unconstitutional, saying it violates the right to free speech and due process of gays and lesbians. in her ruling the judge added that the policy doesn't help military readiness, instead it has a "direct and deleterious effect on the nation's armed services." >>> here's your first look at some of the other news going on in america today. in wisconsin, police are looking for an armed mass robber who charged in and attempted to hold up a local bank. for the suspect unfortunately a customer sprank into action and tackled him from behind. the robber ran out of the bank without any cash. >>> an illinois bank got an unexpected deposit, an 80,000 pound semi. the truck driver swerved off the road, plowed into the roads and 25 feet into the building. he did manage to avoid that near fatal collision, the truck clipped a parked suv before crashing into the bank. the bank was closed and no one was seriously injured. >>> two children in nebraska are safe and back with their mother after an 80-mile-per-hour wild ride. the boy and girl were with the mother's boyfriend as he led police on a chase that ended after he crashed near a lake. he is charged with felony flight to avoid arrest and two counts of child abuse and negligent. >>> there is a new ice skating rink in illinois, this one up in the sky. it's not going to open to january, but some young folks took a spin on the 94th floor rink. more than 1,000 feet up in the john hancock center, some say it could be the world's highest ice skating rink. 'tis the season. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to wcau nbc 10 meteorologist michelle grossman with the forecast. i know will you talk about this across the eastern seaboard. the temperatures have dropped. what i'm upset about is all the stores, they brought in all the fall gear. dunkin' donuts, the harvest doughnut is here. that's when you know summer is over. >> and the pumpkin coffee from starbucks. are you ready for it? >> no, i didn't get a chance to mourn summer. >> i'm sure we will have upper 80s and 90s on the map. summer is not over yet, but today, yes, fall-like in the northeast. we have a spin of low pressure up through the canadian maritimes bringing showers down as far south as new york state. otherwise high pressure building in. that's bringing a great end to the work week and a nice start to the weekend. it is cool, though, as lynn mentioned. 60 in philadelphia. 62 in new york city. 61 in pittsburgh. 55 in buffalo, new york. looking at friday's weather, looking great across the northeast. looking at partly sunny skies. a mix of sun and clouds. 75 in philadelphia. 67 in buffalo. temperatures mainly in the upper 60s, low 70s, 70 in hartford. looking at the rest of the nation, looking warm, very summer-like, lynn, that's where we need to go. down to the southeast, 91 in atlanta. 92 in new orleans. 94 in san antonio. back to the west, cooler conditions. looking at some rain, a cold front moving through the upper midwest -- excuse me, the northern plains, 66 in billings. as we go throughout the northwest, 65 in seattle with some rain on the map to end your work week. down throughout the southwest looking good. temperatures in the 70s which is normal for this time of year, 17 in san francisco, mostly cloudy skies. down through phoenix, a hot one. there lots of sunshine, temperatures mainly in the upper 90s. as we go throughout the weekend, they could have 100 degrees in phoenix. lynn, that's where we need to go. >> no kidding. like i need an excuse to go to miami. michelle, thanks. >>> optimism hits the street. mortgage rates start to rise. and a tax on witches. your first look at the business headlines is straight ahead. >>> the super bowl champs picked up where they left off and one crazy day for tom brady. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. 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still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. look." here are some of the top stories making news this morning. early this morning, washington state carried out its first execution since 2001, putting to death cal coburn brown, he died by lethal injection for the rape and murder of a 21-year-old woman. >>> authorities in colorado are warning residents in boulder to be ready to evacuate in case high winds push a raging wildfire into city limits so far 170 homes have been destroyed by what state officials say is the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history. >>> the crew of a german-owned ship seized by pirates off the coast of somalia is free this morning after being rescued by u.s. marines. navy soofficials say the marine seized control of the vessel and captured the pirates without firing a single fire. no one was hurt partly because the crew managed to kill the ship's engines before locking themselves in a panic room style chamber. >>> capitol hill employees over $9 million in back taxes at the end of last year. the money was owed by 4% of congressional employees a percentage slightly higher than the national average. >>> a new gallup ranking says the united states is the fifth most generous country on earth, tying with switzerland. new zealand and australia tied for first. >>> now here is your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,415. the nasdaq added five points. in tokyo the nikkei limes 140 points, in hong kong, the hang seng was up 90. >>> with wall street still looking for momentum of its own, stocks rose thursday thanks to upbeat data with hope that's economic recovery may be resuming. earlier new claim force unemployment insurance fell to their lowest level in two months last week. trading was fueled by data showing the u.s. trade deficit narrowed sharply in july, reflecting big gains in sales of u.s.-made airplanes and other manufactured goods, while imports declined. as expected, volume was light and trading volatile, with many traders off for the jewish new year. stocks did slide in the afternoon after deutsche bank said it was raising new money with a stock sale. financials hit hard in the august downturn where among the top gainers, jpmorgan chase rose 2.5%. adobe systems jumped more than 12% after apple said it would ease restrictions for iphone and ipad apps. don't look now, but record low mortgage rates are inching higher. freddie mac pegged the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan at 4.35%. the first weekly rise since mid-june. >>> various reports say later this morning president obama will name long-time economic adviser austin goolsbee as chairman of his council of economic advisers replacing christina romer who left the administration last week to return to teaching. >>> finally a disappointed romanian lawmaker who drafted a proposal to tax witches and fortune tellers claimed lawmakers were frightened into rejecting the tax because they were afraid of being cursed. >>> tom brady takes a hit, home run leaders add to their totals, and a rare steal of home. plus the saints come marching into the new nfl season with a win over the vikings. your "first look" at sports is straight ahead. you took my eggs ! it's an "egg management fee." what does that even mean ? 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[ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. >>> welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. last night on "late night with jimmy fallon" jimmy took a good-natured shot at an american ic icon. >> today is the 120th birthday of kfc's colonel sanders. customers celebrated by blowing out their arteries. yes. china is planning to fine people $7 if they're caught smoking in public spaces. that's not fair, how are kids supposed to relax between shifts? right? this is pretty surprising. miriam webster says sarah palin's made-up word refudiate was the most searched word of the summer. no matter how hard, if they looked, palin supporters couldn't find the word in the definionary or the wordasarus. >> what happen up your week with jimmy and the kardashian family, tonight chris, courtney and kim will be buy. that's weeknights at 12:35, 11:35 central time on your local nbc station. >>> it's time for your "first look" at entertainment news. at the bogs office this weekend, the first of the fall season, there is one favorite and no competition. "resident evil after life" is the only debut this weekend, the fourth film in the franchise that won't die. each film that comes out tops the others. that's expected again this time, particularly with the added draw and added dollars of 33d. >>> britney spears is denying allegations made by a bodyguard in a sexual harassment lawsuit. spears said charges in the lawsuit that she harmed her children have already been investigated and found unsubstantiated by authorities. >>> finally, james franco has addressed rumors about himself in an interview with the advocate. not that there's anything wrong with it, franco says, but he's not gay. he just likes unusual roles and, no he's not a stoner just because he occasionally plays those roles. for the record, he does not smoke marijuana. never really understand why celebrities feel the need to go out there and set the record straight. i didn't even know these rumors existed. >> not only did i not know, i didn't think either of those things about him either. >> exactly. i think they spend too much time googling themselves and coming upon these random websites spreading rumors and they feel the need to talk about themselves more. that's just my take. >> yeah, you're right. you probably do feel the need. i'm not a stoner, i don't know why he would want to say that. >> that's a good thing. for the record, we're not either, right, michelle? >> right. >> i'm lynn berry this is "first look." stay tuned, "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. >>> a gas line explosion sets off a massive fire that is sweeping right now through a residential neighborhood near san francisco, sucking up homes in an inferno that firefighters are calling the worst-case scenario the question is how will they contain this monster? >>> the florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the koran on tomorrow's anniversary of 9/11, announces after getting a call from the secretary of defense that he will not go through with the demonstration. the question is why is he already reconsidering that decision this morning? >>> and the new orleans saints host brett favre's vikings in an ugly first game of the nfl season. the question is in
Sep 27, 2010 9:00am EDT
about the d.c. public school system and in just minutes new york city mayor michael bloomberg joins tom brokaw on the plaza in rockefeller plaza to discuss the state of the education system. stay tuned for live coverage of that. >> the president hopes a plane for new mexico to visit four states in four days. part business, part politics and includes a big rally on a college campus designed to recapture some of the 2008 obama campaign magic. cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. >> what do we expect? i understand it's a big college rally in wisconsin tomorrow and then just kind of a throwback to 2008, satellite watching . . . . >> it was interesting how he went about attacking it and separate out rank and file republicans and independents. >> reporter: there's no question, he's looking for some of those soft independents who might be leaning republican right now and wants them to know, hey, i want to talk to you. it's the leadership blocking me from making progress on some of the problems and they're the on
Sep 10, 2010 1:00am EDT
partisan seesaw. they go up by getting democrats to go down. anybody feel like rewarded that? anybody feel like rewarded that? that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "countdown with keith olbermann" starts right now. >> breaking news. wayne sapp, the associate pastor of the church in florida says the planned koran burning there during saturday's 9/11 commemorations is not canceled bt merely "suspended." was he operating under a dill lugs he made some kind of deal. he would stop the burning if the park 51 islamic center in new york were to be moved. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? >> if they were willing to move it away from that location, we would consider that a sign from god. we have or he has been in contact with the imam in new york city. he has agreed to move the location. >> but from sources in the office of the imam no deal to move park 51 and the man in the middle -- >> i have made this morning contact with the office of the imam and got the commitment to fly out to new york and meet with him in the company of pastor jones to discuss and come to a decision on relocating the mosque. >>> our special guest, imam mohammad mosri. >> rendition unchecked. an appeals court tosses the lawsuit that flew its victims. jonathan turley joins me. >>> steven hawking's argument. no god is needed to create a universe. just gravity and quantum theory. our guest, his co-author and david letterman and i play for a possible 2012 presidential candidate. >> it could be another bush. we haven't had enough of them. >> that's his campaign slogan. >> i'll reveal what it is so somebody called jeb up and tell him to watch. all of the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. this just in from kerry sanders in florida. we're a little back to square one he now quotes pastor terry jones of the dove church in that state. i'm praying, he tells sanders, to decide what to do next. two days before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, 48 hours before the planned burning of korans by a small florida church and our fifth story on the "countdown" tonight. the koran burning has been suspended. the pastor of the church said the burning was canceled. it is too late to call back no matter what happens next already rippling through afghanistan. we'll have that later in the hour. we begin with pastor jones of the dove world outreach center in gainesville, florida, who decided months to go to burn korans to take a stand against radical islam and american accommodation of it. despite a direct appeal by president obama via abc news today on that program and despite a personal appeal in a phone call from defense secretary gates today because of the violence it could inspire against u.s. troops. jones continued to say only god's word would sway him. that word apparently came today from our guest or via our guest standing by from the islamic society of central florida who says he has arranged a meeting between jones and the imam of the islamic center planned for two blocks from ground zero in new york city. jones described this as a deal to move that islamic center in new york and said then that not only was he canceling his koran burning saturday but that no one should burn any korans. that was what he said then. >> we are of course now against any other group burning korans obviously. we have accomplished our goal. we have accomplished what we feel god wants us to do. we would right now ask no one to burn korans. we are very, very strong on that. as strong as we were that they should burn korans. it is not the time to do it. >> mr. jones was told, however, that new york organizers of that islamic center have not agreed to move it jones was asked whether he felt tricked in exactly what he was told. >> the imam would move the mosque from ground zero. i was told he cannot move it tomorrow. i said that is fine. it cannot be in ten years. those were exact words i said. the man said that's fine. i said now he has agreed to move the mosque away from the ground zero area. yes, he has. that's what i was told. do i feel tricked? yes, of course. i don't feel tricked. i was lied to. that's why at this time i'm not prepared to believe that. i'm not prepared to make that accusation. i want to just wait and see and i'm right now believing his word. i find it very hard to believe that he would lie to me. >> that was followed by jones' associate pastor coming out to reporters this evening and suggesting they might return to being just as for burning korans as they are currently against burning korans if the new york city islamic center does not move. >> we have not canceled the burning on saturday. we've suspended it until we get a confirmation on the information we were given today in a meeting full of different members of the church on what was said. >> with us now as promised, an imam from islamic society of central florida. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it sincerely. >> thank you, keith. glad to be here. >> where does this stand? do you know? pastor jones seem to think the leaders of the new york center agreed to move the center further away from the location of ground zero. is he mistaken about that? what exactly did you tell him? >> prior to going inside to meet with him when i submitted a request to meet with him, i spent an hour in the sun and during that time i talked to the media and explained exactly what i came to do. and that's exactly what i went inside and did and that is i told him i arranged for a meeting between me, himself and imam abdul raul. that the imam in new york has through his office agreed for us to meet up in new york if he gives up the event on saturday. i told him clearly i am not in any way connected to the event in new york. i have no control over it. i cannot promise you that it will be moved but my position is for it to be relocated to a more ideal position somewhere we can avoid the controversy on that side. i said i advocate for that prior to this incident here and i'm willing to go personally to new york to do that. he clearly understood that there were no cut deals over there in new york. neither him nor i spoke to the imam in new york and we were under no impression that a deal has been made. a deal where he gives up this and the imam in new york gives up that. >> if there was no deal, what's your reaction to him saying he was going to new york to arrange how quickly and far away the park 51 center was going to be moved? >> the main reason that we came out and he agreed to call off the event on saturday was not centered on what's happening in new york or not. it was based on the fact that today is the last day of ramadan and tomorrow morning in a few hours in the middle east and throughout the world, muslims will be celebrating one of the two holiest days and during that hundreds of millions of people will be heading to mosques where a message will be delivered by imams, some of whom are radical and may use his event on saturday to radicalize the use and to turn people against us in the united states so i told him time is of the essence. if you wait until friday or saturday, it will be too little too late any way. you have to make a decision now and so people across the world will hear your message that you canceled this so that tomorrow morning we would not see riots and see demonstrations in the streets of pakistan, afghanistan and elsewhere. >> imam musri, the premise of this as you left the first meeting with pastor jones as you understood it and as you understood him to understand it was you believe that it would be a good gesture if the new york center was moved further away from ground zero. he certainly did. you were going join him in new york to talk about the prospect of doing and that perhaps to advocate for that as a gesture of good will as the stopping of the burning of korans would be. is that the way you thought it was when you left that meeting? >> precisely. i repeated that three or four times inside the building. >> let me ask you one question about that that equates -- essentially the burning of the korans and building of this islamic community center at new york at some distance from ground zero, these two things have somehow become equated or perhaps conflated. why in your opinion as a leader of your faith, are these things even remotely connected and why shouldn't there be an islamic center exactly where they have it planned at 51 park place in manhattan? >> i did not think they were connected at all. i thought that he connected them clearly when he stepped out in front of the cameras but inside i told him those are two separate issues completely separate. and the issue of burning the koran is something that will trigger reaction across the muslim world and it is not congruent with his christian beliefs but the project in new york is something totally different. it is not breaking any law. it is in the constitutional rights of the muslim community of new york to do it. i told him my personal take on it that respecting the wishes of large number of americans who feel the controversy could be avoided by relocating the mosque, i said i'm for that position at this point. and i wish to talk to the imam in new york on that but these two events are not linked at all in my opinion. >> i'll close where i began in trying to understand where it all stands right now. do you understand where it all stands right now? is this church going to go ahead with the latest pledge not to do anything on saturday? is that at least going to happen? will there be a meeting? are you going to new york? >> i believe that pastor jones would keep his word. that's what i urge of him. and otherwise all that we have done for two days in a row will go to waste. it wasn't just what i told him but it was the many christian leaders who called him and the messages from president obama to the secretary of defense, everybody talked to him. it wasn't me but i gave him a face to see a muslim in front of him and talk to him and direct his frustration and anger towards me rather than to something he never seen. and towards a book. so he feels that we have a deal, and he is going to give me the time to make the contact with new york and arrange for the meeting and follow through with our planned event to meet with imam abdul raul and try to reach a deal there. but i do not believe at this time that pastor jones will go back to what he was planning to do on saturday. >> hopefully that is the truth. imam muhammad musri, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, keith. >> let's turn to michael eric dyson. welcome back, professor. >> always good to be here, brother olbermann. do you think you know what happened here and happening here and the imam's faith that we are not going to have a koran burning on saturday is justified? >> i think it is overreaching. he's a kind and gentle man, but i think he's overreaching here unfortunately because i think that the unpredictable and arbitrary terrorism being practiced, the rhetorical terrorism, the bigotry of pastor jones has to be called for what it is. this is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to engage in the most narcissistic form of ma nip lagts of media and the broader world. a 50-member church commanding international and global awareness precisely because of his recalcitrants as refusal to ak knock the basic principles of his faith, which teach him not to hate other people, not to dog other people, not to demonize other people. even jesus says i have members and sheep of other flocks that you don't even know about. we have to at least have enough religious humility to say he may not be christian but they have honorable members that deserve be to be heard equally as much as christians themselves. >> to say nothing of standing in the bible. how do the politics look to you on this at the moment? the president spoke indirectly to jones. i said directly i meant indirectly via the interview with george stephanopolous. but the republicans here who have spoken out have done so reluctantly or belatedly. john mccain did it today. why did our political leaders have such trouble on this one? >> i think let's be honest here. it's troubling to admit on the far right pastor jones may express opinions and beliefs of some of the core ideological tenets of these folk that they don't want to come out and say. he becoming both whipping boy and icon at the same time. he's useful on both sides of the debate. mr. obama speaking indirectly and secretary gates directly suggests that we didn't deal with terrorist and we didn't negotiate with terrorists here and here's a man commanding such international and global media ink because he refuses to acknowledge the fundamental principles of decency that any religion should teach. people said to martin luther king jr., don't build your mosque. no. don't bring your march here. don't come to birmingham, alabama. don't come here. you're an extremist. seven clergymen got together in good faith and said don't build your movement here. don't bring it here. martin luther king jr. said i must do it now. they said be gradual. he said we can't take the drug of gradualism. we must talk about the fierce urgency of now and he said you call me an extremist. i used to be upset by that but now i say an extremist for bigotry or extremist for love? i think if pastor jones were an extremist for love and compassion that would be a great thing. i'm afraid that even if the imam decided to move the mosque, that looks like a victory for compassion and sensitivity. in reality it's a concession to the worst form of bigotry and reactionary forces that would indeed have the upper hand again. >> lastly, is there still some kernel of good news in this? of all the things we don't know and obviously the imam doesn't know and the associate pastor doesn't know and pastor doesn't know, the parts of the deal that we seem to believe are intact. koran burning canceled. moderate new york muslims to meet with fundmentalist florida christian. is that good news? >> it's good news when people sit down at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood and talk across ideological differences. at the same time, i think it's problematic again because it looks as if there's a distinction between us and them. the problem is them over there. the muslims. and those of us over here, christians we're right. there are problems within christian fundamentalism that are problematic. i'm an ordained baptist minister. i find problematic the beliefs of christian fundamentalists. we serve the same god but at the end of the day it doesn't look like that to me. the problem is not between us and them. it's between divisive and bigoted beliefs and a great preacher said the bigot is a person who makes an idol of his commitments. we can't worship at the altar of our commitments. we have to worship at the altar of a god who loves everybody. we should be open to that. conversation is great. conversion to humanity and compassion even better. >> georgetown university professor michael eric dyson, it's always a pleasure. thank you again. >> thank you for having me. >>> just the threat of koran burning led to distribution of pamphlets. we'll talk to the father of one of our troops in the exact area in which those threats were made next on "countdown." did you know - after age forty, your body can lose up to eight percent of muscle per decade? 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[ male announcer ] want a great deal on car insurance? go to esurance. >>> think progress has spoken to the wife of imam abdul rauf in new york, daisy kahn, about a conversation she had or had earlier today with imam mohammed musri from orlando. he joins us now from phone. walk us through this. what did daisy tell you? >> i'll just read from my notes if you have a second. she said that we've not agreed to anything other than meeting with the pastor at a future point down the road when cooler heads prevailed. she also said we reject any comparison to what we were prepared to build in new york and what the pastor was ready to destroy in florida. again, she said that she emphasized that the meeting was not planned for saturday but rather at a point in the future when people have had time to reflect on it. the last point she made was we do not want to take away from the solemn day of 9/11. that's why they don't want to meet on saturday. she said our center is not about 9/11. the koran is not about 9/11. we wish to commemorate 9/11 with prayers for the families of the victims. >> did the imam in orlando, did he call with an offer basically or how did this transpire? do you know the nature of the transaction supposedly involved here and how that happened? >> from what we understand imam musri called saying i'm here talking to pastor jones and i want to give him something to try to negotiate this compromise. initially he said would you be willing to renegotiate the location of the center. she said no, of course not. and then he said well would you agree to meet with them. she said sure, we'll meet with anybody but we would like to meet with him down the road at some point. she was a bit surprised when imam musri and jones suggested they were going to come up almost immediately. >> are we getting a picture of this that imam musri said i got you the meeting to discuss moving park 51 and i personally think it should be moved and that's what he said and pastor jones heard we've got a meeting to discuss when it's going to be moved? >> forgive me for my cynical take on this. i think pastor jones was trapped in a box. he felt he had to back down after the call from secretary gates. the "ground zero mosque" was never an issue he was talking about. it was not on his radar and not the reason for burning the korans. i think in trying to get out of the box he was in, he tried to shift and do bait and switch and shift on to the mosque issue and so i think that's a little bit of at least a strategy of jones trying to put the onus back on imam rauf and say this is his issue, he has to deal with it when pastor jones was hijacking the nation with this ridiculous koran burning attempt. >> faiz, great thanks for being with us on such short notice. thank you. >>> whether the florida pastor goes through with his pledge or not, the cliche of "fahrenheit 451" coming to life has already sparked anti-american protests. those demonstrations most notably in afghanistan and already an attempt by insurgents there to capitalize on it with anti-american pamphlets. also, the state department issued a travel alert to americans traveling abroad. in kabul, hundreds of protesters chanted death to america. nothing particularly unusual about that except for the timing. a cleric at a mosque in kabul said of the planned koran burning quote, it's an insult to the whole muslim world. sending a distracting message to the u.s. and all muslims. another protest is planned for money if the florida koran burning happens over the weekend. in another province of afghanistan, 500 to 700 protesters attacked a security post but the afghan national police reportedly prevented the post from being overtaken. abc news is reporting that afghan insurgents are distributing anti-american leaflets to villagers in logar province, entitled "shocking news." according to an abc translation, it states this time these people have decided once again to insult our religion, our koran and our holy sites. an unnamed military officer saying our assessment is that the insurgents here are seizing on the opportunity of the florida koran burning story to rally a portion of the ambivalent population in our area to conduct attacks against our forces. the reality on the ground is this the koran burning event has the strong possibility of resulting in the injury or even death of coalition forces and possibly afghan civilians here in our area of operations as a result. as previously stated, the state department issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens due to the possibility of widespread anti-american demonstrations. let's turn to craig watson whose son private parker watson is now serving as a medic in afghanistan. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, keith. >> we just went through some of the reaction in afghanistan to the possibility of korans being burned in florida. are you personally concerned about the damage that's already been done and what that means for your son? >> yes, to a certain extent, yes. before we get started i would like to say go army. 173rd airborne. parker, we miss you. hope you're doing well. can i have the question again, keith? >> are you concerned about the risk that's been increased no matter what happens or doesn't happen in florida over the weekend? >> like i said, to a certain extent, yes. the reason being, you know, my son is over in afghanistan fighting to defend this country and defend our freedoms and defend the constitution and so this gentleman in florida that wants to burn the constitution -- i mean, burn the koran, you know, that's his choice under the first amendment. we're kind of conflicted here. we're fighting to defend the constitution yet people are upset about his right to burn the constitution. kind of conflicted there. as a former police officer, i've operated under the concept of reasonableness and you know is this a reasonable thing at this time? no, i don't think so. >> has your son expressed to you either before this became an issue or since it's become an issue how fragile the sentiment is among afghans about americans? >> yes, as a matter of fact i was able to talk to him yesterday on the phone. he said the tensions are high in the region already due to provincial elections, and i explained to him what was going on over here in the united states, and he seemed to think that that would just be, you know, pouring gasoline on an already out of control fire. again, it's tough under the first amendment and this is this guy's right to do that. >> one of the possible protests that we mentioned in afghanistan scheduled for monday would apparently not go forward if the koran burning does not happen. is it your hope at this point that it's not too late to dispel some of the anger that the controversy has already generated? >> yeah. you know, i hope like i mentioned earlier our family, we've always acted out of reasonableness and i would hope that people can come to a reasonable terms on this matter. you know, whether you're liberal or conservative, you need to be reasonable and i just hope that that's the way people go towards. >> craig watson, father of parker watson, great thanks for your time and the best to you and obviously to your son. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> rendition lives. first a brief sanity break. something like a sanity break. david letterman and me. for all the moments that make every day special. fancy feast created a way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. i've never had an accident. is there anything you can do for me ? 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how much? >> it would be great for us speaking selfishly. >> are you thinking the same thing i am? >> she's not going to run is what i'm concerned about. who is it going to be? mitt romney? >> it's not cost effective. >> will it be mitt romney or somebody? >> could be. could be pawlenty. could be jeb bush. could be another bush. we haven't had enough of them. it may be different this time. that's his campaign slogan. >> it may be different. >> it may be different this time. >> to the oakland alameda county coliseum where the a's win. the best play of the game came not on the field but in the stands. coco crisp, one of the best names in baseball, lines one over the wall. let's watch the replay of the effort by the fan. the only one in the stands. full extension. the ball rolls away and into the camera pit. the guy nearly did too. that would stop most fans but not him. got to get that $9 baseball, buddy. the human fly. he didn't secure it and it rolls back down. cameraman eventually gets him the ball and there was much rejoicing. he definitely gets an oakland a for effort. >>> remember when the word rendition was reserved for the national anthem and now on a court ruling that keeps rendition, the bad kind, going. >>> a former gitmo prisoner said they were kidnapped and tortured by the cia. they sought to sue the company that helped the agency with logistics. the government invoked state secrets. the case got thrown out by a federal appeals court. the bush administration's extraordinary rendition program goes unchecked yet again. johnathan turley will join us. the 6-5 ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals. upholding the government's decision to invoke the state secrets doctrine. the plaintiffs cannot sue a boeing subsidiary, jeppesen dataplan, inc. they provided assistance to the cia. the men claiming the company provided flight planning and logistical support services to government officials. the men were apprehended and transported to secret interrogation sites. where they claim they were beaten, starved, subjected to humiliation, degradation, physical and psychological torture by u.s. officials. the government is not disputing many of the key facts of the case including the torture. a spokesman telling the "los angeles times" the attorney general adopted a new policy last year to ensure the state secrets privilege is only used in cases where it is essential to protect national security, and we are pleased that the court recognized that the policy was used appropriately in this case. the majority reluctantly concluding that the national security interests trump quote, even the most compelling necessity to protect the fundamental principles of liberty and justice. five judges dissented. calling the decision premature and calling the government's torture a gross, notorious act of despotism. the bush administration invoked the state's secret privilege when the suit was first filed in 2007. the case was later reviewed by attorney general holder who endorsed the bush administration decision. the aclu arguing the case for the plaintiffs. the attorney noting if the decision is allowed to stand, the u.s. would have closed its courtroom doors to torture victims adding to date not a single victim of the bush administration torture programs has had a day in court. joining us now, a constitutional law expert and law professor at george washington university. jonathan turley. you were the counsel on was has been cited as the leading state secrets case. now that this ninth circuit known as a liberal circuit ruled on this, what are the odds that the supreme court hears that and/or overturns it? >> the court has been avoiding this issue for years. they avoided it in the area 51 case that i had. the problem is that the entire privilege is based on a case called united states versus reynolds from 1953. that case was built on a lie that at the time, various families that were suing over a b-52 crash in georgia said that the government was simply lying and hiding evidence by claiming national security. well, in the year 2000, those documents were in fact unsealed and declassified and the families were right. the government did lie. they did use national security for purely tactical reasons. but the privilege continued. you had a privilege that was born in abuse and continues that form of abuse. and so what the supreme court will do is hard to say because they have avoided this issue for decades. they created what's become a corrosive and corrupting influence within our legal system. >> more than that though, is this not kind of a magical elixir for the executive branch, a president files whatever he wants to file under state secrets and that's the end of it? >> it is. this is more than a pass given to administrations. this is a virtual invitation by these judges. national security is a lot like gas in a closed space. if you expand the space, the gas expands to fill it. what they're saying here is that basically you have victims in plain view but they are invisible to our legal system. it makes a mockery of our legal system, but it invites abuse. in this case when attorney general holder says we made careful efforts to make sure it's not being overused, all the countries cited in this claim of privilege, they actually released documents. these countries have actually acknowledged their role. the united states invoked privilege to shield this administration and past administration from embarrassment and admission that they are concealing a torture program. >> how would we know if this statement was true? we're pleased that the court recognized that the policy was used appropriately in this case meaning state secrets policy. how would we ever know that? >> that's the problem. they've created a system that defies judicial review. you have five of these judges that heard this evidence in closed session and decided this was a mockery, it was actually despotism to make these arguments. what these cases often amount to is an act of collusion by courts. they tend to be very impressed by the secret sessions. but if you look at the record, it's ridiculous because the rendition program, the torture programs are so public that some of the parties like cheney are out there talking about it. when victims try to get simple judicial review, the court just says we couldn't possibly give you relief or review because that would disclose national security secrets. you know, if torture is a national security secret it should be disclosed. >> constitutional law professor jonathan turley. john, always a pleasure. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, keith. >> what if we use rendition to take pastor terry jones somewhere where he had to listen to dr. stephen hawking convince him it's irrelevant because no god is necessary to create a universe according to science. the hawking argument ahead and when rachel joins you at the top of the hour, the koch brothers are back at it, taking to a whole new level of astroturf. with their so-called jobs rallies. ete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most complete multivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's. 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why do we exist? hawking assert that when asking who or what created the universe, the answer god only serves to kick the can down the road because there is the other one, who or what created god. the authors believe the origin of universe can be explained scientifically. as recent advances suggest, the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing. it is not necessary to invoke god to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going. the book does not explicitly the book does not explicitly rule out existence of god but religious leaders are getting bent out of shape. rebuttals to the book have been issued and a british scientist and member of the house of lords told the bbc they can make whatever comments they like but when they assume rather in a taliban-like way that they have all the answers, then i do feel uncomfortable. joining me now, cal tech physicist, a co-author with stephen hawking mr. mlodinow. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> the baroness has half apologized for comparison to taliban. neither of you are claiming to know everything, are you? >> well if she half apologized i should half thank her for the apology. of course we're not claiming to know everything. the book is about as you said two main questions. where did the universe come from and why are the laws of nature what they are? we give scientific answers to those questions and we conclude that god isn't necessary for either of those. that's all we say. we don't pretend to prove that there's no god. we don't give mathematical proof there's no god. we don't say you shouldn't believe in god. that it's bad to believe in god. we don't say that god didn't create the universe. we say that god is not necessary as an answer to those questions. if i might add. i think some of the histrionics around this such as the comments you quoted are counterproductive and poison the whole discussion. >> as they always do when they come from religious leaders whether about a movie or book of science or about galileo's work but often it ends up with the work getting greater distribution than it would have had otherwise. let me play god's advocate to twist the old phrase. the laws of gravity and quantum theory are the cause of spontaneous creation of the universe, ultrasimplified version of the book, could not a god or a force of some sort have created the laws of gravity and quantum theory? >> well, keith, people have always looked around and asked themselves big questions and sometimes it seems to them to all of us that answers to these big questions could only be the work of some deity. for instance, people look at the human being and say this is such a magnificent creature, it could only be the work of god. darwin showed that wasn't true. science can explain that. we talked about two other issues. creation of the universe and why laws of nature are what they are. it's a natural instinct to have that that could be the work of god. we show that science can answer those questions too. when we give those answers, science is based on laws. physics explain that. where do those laws come from? is that god? of course you can define god to be that way. whatever our answer is you can say but why and say that that's god. if people feel that they want to do that, that's fine. that's consistent with what we say. >> how is progress of cosmology going? is there a chance that we will ever know without doubt that it's correct or incorrect? >> physics isn't like mathematics. you don't prove things beyond doubt. using logic or reasoning or the laws of mathematics. physics is an observational science. when you have a theory, you gather evidence to either confirm the theory or disprove the theory. in the case of stephen's theories, the best place to look for that evidence are satellites that was recently launched that we are analyzing that the cosmic background, the afterglow of the big bang and that has encoded in it how the universe began. from these sorts of observations we hope to find evidence supporting the theory or refuting a theory and science goes on and that's the march of science and only after many observations that we have confidence in our theories. we don't claim to have the absolute answers in the way that religion does. >> last thing. 30 seconds if you have 30 seconds you can summarize it. the process of working with stephen hawking is like what? >> well, it was a lot of fun. he's obviously a brilliant man. he's a very stubborn man. he told me that his stubbornness is his great and worst quality. in a scientist it's a great quality and someone with his disability, it's a great quality. he has a great sense of humor. a lot of fun. intense.
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm EDT
promise by backers of that new york mosque that they would move the site. he said he feels that he was tricked and yes, lied to. after the new york imam said he would not let anyone toy with his religion. the evening's strange turns of truth began two hours ago when past tore jones said he wouldn't burn any korans this saturday because he had a deal with the people backing that mosque two blocks from the new york world trade centers not to build. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> and then imam faisal raurvegs the backer of the new york mosque issued this statement "i am glad that pastor jones has decided not to burn any korans, however, i have not spoken to pastor jones or imam musry. we are not going to toy with our religion or any other, nor are we going to barter." then the imam who stood beside pastor jones confirmed no deal had been reached. we've got this story covered from all the angles. kerry sanders has been covering the story from gainesville, florida
Sep 10, 2010 12:00am EDT
meanwhile, there's lots to add to what you see on this show. we are very proud of our excellent blog at >>> keeping up with the joneses. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off, dead deal. pastor terry jones says that he was lied to, that he had a promise by backers of that new york mosque that they would move the site. he said he feels that he was tricked and yes, lied to. after the new york imam said he would not let anyone toy with his religion. the evening's strange turns of truth began two hours ago when past tore jones said he wouldn't burn any korans this saturday because he had a deal with the people backing that mosque two blocks from the new york world trade centers not to build. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> and then imam faisal raurvegs the backer of the new york mosque issued this statement "i am glad that pastor jones has decided not to burn any korans, however, i have not spoken to pastor jones or imam musry. we are not going to toy with our religion or any other, nor are we going to barter." then the imam who stood beside pastor jones confirmed no deal had been reached. we've got this story covered from all the angles. kerry sanders has been covering the story from gainesville, florida for nbc news. lawrence o'donnell is host of the last word. a great phrase for tonight's develop. you need a last word tonight. savannah guthrie covers the white house for nbc news and the co-host of the great show "the daily rundown." kerry, seeing as you're very close to the action here, how do you read the fact that this pastor standing to a local imam said they had a deal, within an hour it's clear they were wrong? >> it appears to me that the pastor did not dot his eyes and crossed his ts because it was very clear early on at that initial press conference that muhammad musry, the imam from central florida who was meeting with pastor jones did not say that we have spoken directly to and pastor jones says he was never there when a phone call was made. he said he feels he's been tricked, lied to, he's been hoodwinked. it was very clear from the first moments of that discussion, especially when imam muhammad musry from central florida began to speak that they were speaking a different language here, and then when we asked the pastor jones, okay, so you're not going to burn the korans here on saturday, you're going to go to new york, who are you meeting with, what time, where? didn't have any of those answers. it may also be this is his way to bow out. maybe this is how he can say there was confusion and he bows out. needless to say, the pressure has been intense. nbc has confirmed there was a phone call today from secretary of defense gates to the pastor. that was at around 4:00. and about an hour later is when he came out and made that announcement with all the world's eyes on this field in rural florida waiting to find out if and when he was going to announce that he was backing down. >> here's the latest word from pastor jones after his initial statement. apparently after hearing in the news that there is no deal with that new york imam. let's listen to pastor jones on his latest statement of what's going on. >> that the imam would move the mosque from ground zero. i was told he cannot move it tomorrow. i said that is fine. but it cannot be in ten years. these are the exact words that i said. the man said that is fine. i said now he has agreed to move the mosque. away from the ground zero area. yes, he has. that is what i would told. do i feel tricked? yes, of course. i don't feel tricked. i was lied to. of course, that's why at this time, i am not prepared to believe that. i am not prepared to make that accusation. i want to just wait waite and see and i'm right now, i am believing his word. i find it very hard to believe that he would lie to me. >> that's a hard thing to put together. we're used to dealing in objective facts. how do you get the facts from a guy, pastor jones who won't even say who this man is who he talked to? who is this man who may have tricked him? >> i take it was is the imam from central florida, muhammad musry he was meeting with. but i asked him, like who were you on the phone with? no names. look, doesn't it fit in many ways the way much of this has played out in terms of i had a very long interview with pastor jones and tried to get to some very specifics with him why he wanted to burn the koran. what specifically was in the koran that was most offensive to him. and he hadn't even read the koran. he basically admitted maybe he had looked at a page but primary what he said was there's no mention of jesus christ in the koran as the savior. anybody who understands religions understands that would not be in there in the same way it's not in the tora. i said are you going to start burning the tora, he said no. a lot of this has been very confusing in terms of why he said he was doing this and now maybe his confusion continues. >> one last question. when did you first hear him mention the mosque in new york as part of a deal or part of his concerns? i had two of those fellows on this week and they never brought it up. >> he never has talked about it in the time that i've been here that that had anything to do with this. i asked him again out here, i said where did this new york mosque become part of your reason to burn the korans here? >> he said well, i sent out an e-mail three weeks ago. i'm surprised you didn't get it. i don't know. it's the first we've heard of it. >> kerry sanders, thanks for that great reporting on a murky story down there in florida. i want to work my way down the clock here. lawrence, it seems like you were on to it instinctively. you smelled a rat. it took awhile for the pastor to know that he was in a confused state here at least. but what i'm going to hang on here is this decision to tie it to the mosque. there seems oftentimes in this battle with the middle east that everybody comes up with something. it's always the motive they think will sell that moment. you've got bin laden who all of a sudden has an interest in middle east peace talks. he may be mad at his father for what he did to him in terms of selling out their country but nothing to do with the middle east. he knows he can play that number. here he will is playing with that very touchy question in the united states, the mosque. i wonder whether he listened to boehner and palin today and they pushed the idea of this twinning up of these two difficult stories. >> you know he's not a very good thinker on his own about these things. he had plenty of time. plenty of time to find his way to that community center near ground zero over the last week or so. he didn't get there until john boehner and sarah palin laid out the road map for him. here's how to link this you know to what's going on in new york. so then in his wild imaginings, he came up with the idea that you know, he just made a deal. now, look, when i heard him say that live on this network that he just made a deal with the imam in new york, i knew i had read the imam's op-ed piece in the "new york times." i knew as the words were coming out of his mouth this was a lie from a charla tan that had not happened. you could not have read that "new york times" piece by the imam and think he was going to make a deal with the most ridiculous person are to step up to a microphone on this subject. it was obviously impossible from second one. >> well, you've got a talent for that for figuring out people's character flaws. and bs factors. good reading on the bs factor there. let's go right now to savannah guthrie. savannah, let's go to the official part of this story. secretary gates, that decision by the administration perhaps, was there any coordination in the last week among the top people who have spoken on this starting with the great general petraeus? when he put out the word this was endangering our troops, burning the koran on international television, that had a big development in the story. and then now, of course, secretary gates going. have they been coordinating with the president? >> today, certainly. with the white house anyway. senior level officials talking with secretary gates and deciding to go forward this afternoon with secretary gates placing a call to this pastor about 4:00. there will certainly was consultation between the white house and the pentagon on that and a decision made that the pentagon, secretary gates should take the lead because this is where the administration's best argument was lying saying that look, the troops are in danger if you go forward with this burning of the koran. as to the issue of general petraeus, i just got off the phone with a senior government official and asked, do you think in any way that will petraeus helped escalate this story by weighing in on it and saying earlier this week, look, if this guy in florida goes forward with this it's going to endanger troops lives, at that moment it lit a match to the story. this official said wait a minute, petraeus was asked this question. there already were stories out there, and we feel it was important to make it clear this really is a serious concern about the troops who are in harm's way who are in these very dangerous neighborhoods interfacing with people very closely. they were very concerned about it. so secretary gates today after they heard this pastor say nobody from the white house called me no, one from state or the pentagon, i think a lot of folks thought, is this somebody looking for a way out, looking for a lifeline. if this was the way to get him to stop, they felt, well, making the call was worth it. >> yeah, let's go to lawrence on that. here's a great question of intuition. my favorite question, maybe it's yours, who's in the room when a decision is made? who's on your life line. in this case, had he two forces coming at him. one the secretary of defense who's a nonpartisan public official, a holdover from the bush administration. top drawer guy in every way in terms of serving our country and probably the key to the whole chain of command in terms of our security in this country. he calls at 4:00. by 5:00, this guy has magically cut a deal with the imam in new york through a third party imam who he doesn't seem to trust now and is accusing him of lying and or tricking him. which was the most important phone call, the one through imam musry or the direct call from officials channels from the defense secretary? >> and or the visit he got from the fbi this morning. look -- >> what do you think that was about? would you think that was a spooky warning that we're he can checking into something but or what? >> it theoretically was about them presenting to him up what they think is evidence that there would be some kind of violent retaliation to his act. soap they don't do this because it could be inciteful. that would be the legitimate trip to make. the fbi should not be going in and saying, you know, we're going to start looking at you if you do this and they shouldn't be threatening people because of their possible exercises of the first amendment. but you know, the guy who came up to that microphone when we were first on the air, chris, was a guy trying to get out of this. he was making up a story to get himself out of this. he had painted himself into this corner and he was making up a story to get himself out of it. that's all i saw. now, what the next stage of his story is, i don't know. i think the big strategic problem here is we've now demonstrated that all you have to do to get all of the networks in front of your house with a camera and get the secretary of defense to call you and get the president and hillary clinton to talk about you and get foreign leaders to talk about you is simply say i'm going to burn a koran. this is a "south park" episode already. i'm going to burn a koran the world goes crazy around you. at the end of the episode, you burn the koran or you don't. you probably don't. >> one fly in that ointment. the man is armed, so is his partner pastor s&p. they are worried personally. they know they may not be out of the woods in terms of personal safety. this is not as easy as an episode in a tell advised program. if i were the reverend, i would probably stay concerned about the situation that the fbi warned him of today. great having you stay on. good luck with your fabulous new show "the last word." tonight's a story how these stories tend to develop throughout the evening. the show is called the run down. we'll have much more on the pastor's plan to call off his burning of the koran when we come back. this is "hardball" only on msnbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most complete multivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's. and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. did you know - after age forty, your body can lose up to eight percent of muscle per decade? 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why didn't you interrupt him and say that's not the deal we have? >> i did not -- he emphasized that his understanding is the deal with me that i, because i stand for moving that project away from ground zero to a more ideal location, i told him my commitment to him, i was very clear to him and i reiterated that when i spoke in my part of the speech. >> but it doesn't seem like there was confusion. it sounds like you say you told him there was a meeting scheduled. and he is saying there was a deal made. you're saying different things. it doesn't sound like confusion. it sounds like have you different versions of what happened. >> yeah, he feels that if this deal, once we go to new york and meet with imam abdul rauf and if this deal happens now or a week from now or a month, a year, in his words, if it takes ten years to reach that deal, that is okay with him. >> i see. so it's faith-based? >> yes. >> he has faith, in other words, that a deal will be struck. he doesn't have a deal, but he has faith that a deal will be struck? >> precisely. he said i have nothing written on paper, but i have the word of this imam referring to me that we will go together to secure that deal from new york. but he and i are very clear that it is not in our hands. it is solely the decision of imam abdul rauf and his team in new york. >> do you believe knowing your own religious colleagues and confers and your own religious commitment, do you believe that the imam in new york, imam rauf, will make a decision to move the mosque or rather the islamic center under this kind of pressure, which looks like blackmail? religious blackmail, threatening to commit a sacrilege in order to get something to do something you want them to do. it sounds like religious extortion to me. >> i hope that the imam does not treat it that way. i myself feel there is plenty of room within our faith to compromise on a physical location for a mosque, but without compromising on the principle of establishing a center where people of different faiths could come together and work on peace building and work on bringing peace into our world. >> well, you know in my religious, catholicism, we study ethical questions in school all the time. do you see any ethical problem in getting someone to do something by threatening to burn the holy book of the koran? to use that as a way to get something-to-do something, is that morley okay for you? >> it is not okay. it's morally wrong for a religious person of any creed to use such extortion to try to force the hand of other people to give up their rights. however, i feel that pastor jones here needed to come out a winner of this. >> i see. >> -- dilemma that he was in. >> so you gave him an escape route? >> i gave him the hope and the possibility of achieving something measurable that he can claim as a win, but that is a promise to work on it, not a sign and sealed and delivered promise. >> okay. you strike me as a very honest man, sir. thank you so much for clearing this up. the reverend terry jones believes that somehow he can achieve through faith and hard work a compromise to move that mosque, that islamic center down the road maybe over ten years but there's no deal to automatically do it. thank you so much, imam muhammad musri. we'll have much more on the decision by pastor terry jones to cancel his koran. i do think it was extortion and how the obama administration played a part in this perhaps through the call of secretary gates. it seemed to have trigger this had action. this look for a way out. the way out was this promise of a meeting in new york. no more. you're watching "hardball" only ♪ [ female announcer ] when you have a softer bath tissue, you can enjoy going more... while still using less. introducing new charmin ultra soft. new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. 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>> chris, i think that the idea of giving the pastor jones this kind of platform is actually quite stunning to me. i think that this is -- this guy who has a congregation of about 30 seems to be having overinfluence on our international foreign policy and our domestic policy. and it really just puzzles me to no end. >> if you were general petraeus would you have not issued this statement that this guy is a danger to our troops, the prime minister minister of iraq, this is going to cause an east/west problem, would you have not said what those men said? >> i think the best thing to do is what they do sometimes when the taliban takes a hostage. that is, don't say a word. don't make this a bigger deal than it needs to be. have a conspiracy of silence with the media and don't give this story any oxygen. i hope we learn this lesson from this guy. to give this kind of guy this kind of platform in our democracy is really stunning. >> when they put -- steve, when they put our you travelers around the world on alert, when the word goes out, it's not safe to travel over this issue, when you have the leader of our troops, the most respected military man in the country over there saying it's a danger to troops, these are realities. i've watched this guy. pastor jones and his colleague pastor s&p. we've tried to negotiate with them or not negotiate trying to find out who would tell them to shut up. >> he's basically a 65-year-old version after underwear bomber. there was not going to be a conspiracy between the media. >> we don't regularly meet with roger ailes and decide which stories to croak. >> it was a news worthy story and made more news worthy by what malaki and petraeus said over the weekend. it required a i response by the president. when george stephanopoulos asked the question you knew was going to be asked. he was there to talk about lis speech in cleveland yesterday but george asked the question. the president answered it and pretty soon the race was on. that's why the fbi was there today i'm sure, why secretary gates made the call because once the president starts to apply pressure, you don't want the president not to be successful. >> a good point you raise, john. in a world that's almost like, to use an old reference, an old pin ball machine where you put one ball in the machine and all the lights go on and all the bells ring, it's hard to say i'm not going to pay attention to that pin ball. it's going around making the lights go on. you can say my light won't go on but other things will. when this thing bops around the islamic world that there's a christian minister threat fling to burn their holy book, they feel they have been abused by the west, they have been exploited for their oil. we sided with israel. they have a lot of grievances against us. adding insult to injury is not something they would have ignored if we had stayed quiet about it. your thoughts? >> i understand the point. i also understand why gates and i think gates made the right decision to call because obviously it worked. i think that's why jones decided not to burn the koran. but -- >> so you think that 4:00 call was something we should have done? >> i think eventually. he had no choice. i think when geoff morrell said this is coming, this is why we're doing it, he had to do that too. >> who is geoff morrell? >> he's the spokesman for the d.o.d. >> okay. >> and i would say that -- he's a good guy, by the way. i would say that but from a lessen that we can all learn here is we cannot have our foreign policy so impacted by someone who has a congregation of 30 who is going to do something crazy. if we do that, we are in big trouble as a nation if we're so fragile. from a media standpoint, if we go to every crazy story. there is responsibility from the media. they have to learn from this lesson and not making this terry jones the media star that he's become. >> but john, this became like abbroou bu gray, symbolic of something that was festering in the muslim anise lammic world for a long time. and will continue to fester. it became symbolic of something much bigger than somebody who was perhaps a little less than imagine native and had a very small congregation. he went out there. the media gave him attention. petraeus and others helped contribute to that. it's not eight -- it's not something that's not predictable that when all those things converge you're going to have this kind of coverage. thank goodness it got walked back. i happen to believe it could have been something that impacted a truce and something that impacted our relationships. >> let me go back to john on this. we saw in denmark where a cartoonist could cause a stir. we saw a movie producer, movie director killed over there over a film. we see how the islamic world is so sensitive that they will track down someone anywhere in the world who causes a sacrilege to their religion and very sensitive about it. you have to live with that sensitivity. you can say we're not going to pay attention to that sensitivity, but darn it, if they are sensitive, you've got to know about it. >> i appreciate that. the person who said -- made the most sense on this was mayor bloomberg who said, i don't agree with this. i think it's stupid and idiotic. and once i defend jones' right to do it. that's the larger lesson is that there are going to be some.times when people are going to say things that are negative towards islam, and you know, the islamic world can't go crazy every time that happens. that's the other part of this, that we have to be very careful how we react to these things so we don't overemphasize that. >> i agree. i guess we're going to have to decide in this country we can't keep somebody has a right to do something. it sounds like hab you're saying they have a rightfulness to do it, there's somehow a moral claim they're making simply because it's legal. the american nazis used to mark through skokie, a jewish neighborhood in illinois. they have a right. but you know that neighborhood. >> i would say that's kind of like you don't have the right to yell fire in a movie theater. >> i think this was close to that because if we know travelers are being warned, troops are being warned that there's a real threat level and rocks being thrown at people already in kabul on notion this is going to happen, we know there's an incitement factor here, i think i could argue, i'm not an attorney but i could go into court and say this is as close to really yelling fire as you can think of because all logic tells us people will die because of this burning. >> i actually am an attorney. i try not to play one in on television. it is as close to fire in a theater because of the danger it pos an immediate threat to the troops. it's vet very far away from the mosque in new york city which is what the republicans are trying to do here. i think it's a very sinister. >> i don't think that's right, steve. >> just one second, john. because boehner did the sort of equivalency and sarah palin has done the equivalency. it was their suggestion that perhaps he not do this if the imam in new york city agrees not to build the mosque. and so they were the ones who link it had first as far as i know. and as far as any news organization knows. >> let him respond. >> john, you think it's unfair to show they played an accessory role here? >> i think it's unfair. if you talk to boehner, i guarantee he was not making thatquiv lens. what he was saying this morning on "good morning america" was that you have a right to burn these korans, vutd right to have this mosque here. 75% of the american people are against building the mosque near the 9/11. 99.9% of the american people or more are against burning the koran. >> the idea of moralquiv lens is ridiculous. people want to build a mosque, argue about it right or wrong. somebody who wants to burn the koran, there's only one reason to do it and it's a bad one. thank you. sarah palin doesn't agree with us on that. she thinks it's equal. thank you fearry, a good republican. a good democrat. >> irishman. >> that's probably why you're a good guy. back with more on pastor jones in florida who apparently canceled his koran-burning event on the promise, i think it was the faith that the mosque center near ground zero will be moved somewhere in the next ten years. it was faith based. i think he was overstating his claim when he spoke to the press at 5:00. the new york mosque says it has no plans to move and it won't negotiate. we'll get the latest from new york when we return. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] take an italian masterpiece home. excuse me. buitoni? 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we're watching the terry jones story down in florida. that's crazy enough or dangerous enough. and bewee got the truther guy walking past him in the past to try to exploit a cookie story with a cookyer story. now we have you with some jesus is going to bring down whatever justice on somebody there using an excuse of you talking to a camera. >> yeah, they've been passing by here all day long, doing it all week long. there's a guy who had a pretty effective painting of somebody pouring salt in the wound. that's the theme of the protesters those people objecting to the cultural center and the mosque. >> what do we expect on saturdays is going to come of this defusion? >> you know, i think it could be ugly. i've listened to what pam yeller had said. i have read the blog. the woman who had the mock-up of supreme court justice elena kagan in a nazi uniform, she attacks obama every day, says his mother was involved in pornography. all of these crazy things and yet, she's invited on to newscasts as an expert on the cultural center and mosque to talk about it it could be very ugly. the signs have been ugly here. a lot of ugly things have been said leading up to this. who knows what's going to happen on saturday but i don't think it's going to be just a story about 9/11. >> we have new word from down in florida, the associate pastor wayne s&p who was on this program says the koran burning event is not canceled. only temporarily suspended until they can confirm the meeting with the new york imam. we'll continue to watch this story as it develops. mike, what do you make of that? now we have the possibility they're not going to meet. i think they'll meet at least. if they don't meet, they're going to go burn the korans again. >> i think you're right. it's an astounding story and the equivalency of the bonfire of the vanities is true. one event met tas ta sizes into something huge if they put this back on, who knows what will happen. those images we know will have consequences. >> i think you're thinking hard on this. thanks so much, mike tie i be by in new york. we'll talk politics and whether haets it's smart for president obama to go after john boehner by name. he's now let him off free and now he's decided it's time to stop letting him off free going after boehner and mitch mcconnell. is it smart to target your enemy so personally? back in a minute. did you know - after age forty, your body can lose up to eight percent of muscle per decade? try... each serving provides twenty-six vitamins and minerals. plus it has fifteen grams of protein to help maintain muscle. compare it to the leading competitor. boost high protein also has calcilock blend, with calcium and vitamin d to help maintain strong bones. get complete, balanced nutrition so you can stay active. try boost high protein. also available in powder. this has been medifacts for boost. 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[ male announcer ] want a great deal on car insurance? go to esurance. >>> welcome back to "hardball." president obama had one name on his mind in ohio yesterday. did you catch it? let's listen. >> mr. boehner and the republicans in congress said no to these projects. mr. boehner has so far said no to infrastructure. so let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. when these same republicans including mr. boehner were in charge, the number of earmarks and pet projects went up, not down. >> is this a smart strategy for the president and his party? thank you. steve, first and then josh. is this smart to give a name to his pain? >> sure. i'm not sure there's that much that democrats and obama can do to salvage this election. if you look at one of their sort of fundamental missions for the next few months is really to fire up the democratic base. if you can increase the democratic turnout from where it is projected to be right now, there's a chance they could survive in these marginal districts where otherwise they lose. if you make this a fight between barack obama on one hand and john boehner on the other hand and what obama tried to do and republicans haven't done for the last two years, that message resonates from the democratic base. it upsets republicans to hear it but republicans are the most motivated segment of the electorate right now. maybe you can get some more excitement going on the democratic side. at this point they have nothing left to lose i think. >> i wonder how you can excite anyone with the name john boehner. he's the dullest and dan aykroyd could play him on an off night. he looks like he made a bad put on the golf course. he doesn't look like the enemy of the people. your thoughts? >> i think what the white house is trying to do is they've come a long way from 2008 when the strategy was all about hope and they're trying to make it about fear and fearing the republicans and what republicans are going to do. i'm sure that boehner is the perfect boogie man. >> why not go after the whackier people like michelle bachmann or sharron angle or tea partiers out there that are far more colorful as bad guys. >> then the president would be accused of highlighting people on the fringe of the party. part of this message is supposed to be that john boehner could be the speaker if the election doesn't go well. it wasn't an accident when white house press secretary robert gibbs weeks ago said the house might fall into republican hands. i think we were seeing the beginning of this strategy of trying to scare people about what could happen in november since the white house has given up on giving people any hope that they can fix the problem. >> here's what we know, steve and josh. we know the strategy leaked out what they're up to. it was in politico today. if the republicans get back the speakers gavel they want to defunding or starving the health care plan that barack obama passed historically this year make it not happen by taking money away from the program and taking away stimulus money they get their hands on and beginning massive probes on every front of everything that might embarrass this situation. that seems like a fairly negative program. your thoughts, steve? >> everything looks different if the republicans do take back congress and are empowered next year. right now the republicans are just a catch all party for everybody out there who has any doubts, any reservations and any anxiety about the correction the country is going. there's a lot of anxiety right now. if republicans actually control the legislative branch of government and they send things to the president's desk, that changes it completely. the obvious parallel we talked about before is to 1995 and last time you had that setup and republicans thought that the '94 mid terms when they gained more than 50 seats in the house was the great mandate to take on bill clinton and suddenly they looked extreme to people. >> this whole agenda seems debbie downer, doesn't it? >> you have this dualism out there in the country. i think it's a situation where we would face even greater gridlock than we've seen over the last year and a half. the american people, even individuals i think, are both frustrated with gridlock and scared about some of the things the government has done and i think maybe the white house feels like somehow with a hail mary pass here they can break through that message by scaring people that there would be even more gridlock and just a recipe for nothing to be done on the economic front. >> i'll come back in a minute and cheer on the president. i think his strategy is about time. the chicago strategy of ignoring the enemy only works in chicago where there is no republican party. there is one in washington. when we return, i'll have those thoughts about president obama's battle plan. be right back. ale announcer ] dr smooth last into a second day, or does frizz make you start over? 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what for? by jamming the democrats,
Sep 22, 2010 6:00am PDT
job. she's commissioner emily loyd and the head of department of environmental protection of new york city and appointed by mayor bloomberg to head this agency in 05. the department is responsible for imagining new york cities waist water and treatment, drinking supply, handling hazard materials and emergency x toxicities and removal of those and enforcing cities air and noise codes. they also have substantial responsibility outside of new york city managering 2 thousand square miles of the hudson valley. prior to heading up this agency commissioner loyd served as executive vice president for public affairs at colombia university and was in the administration for ten years and commissioner for sanitation under mayor, jenkins and was ma developer at port an authority and commissioner for traffic and parking for the city of boston. emily, thank you so much. we are so glad to have your energy, your smarts to lead us to this tough topic this morning. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, susan. well, as the only - at least self identifying water system manager from the east coast, i had original
Sep 27, 2010 5:30am EDT
meet the founder and principle of the new york harbor school, a public school that takes kids from rugged brooklyn and puts them on a ferry to school every day. we'll show you what they're doing right there. if you're just getting up or school or any other reason, shoot me an e-mail at waytooearly@- waytooearly@msnbc. we'll read the best responses as always later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be a cram session. a lot to tell you about today including one leading united states congressman calling stephen colbert's capitol hill testimony the other day an embarrassment. >>> plus, new york governor david paterson confronts his "saturday night live" likeness face to face in the "snl" season premiere. what critique could the real paterson have for the phony one? >>> 5:30 a.m. here in learning plaza in the heart of new york city. the white house and democratic leaders in congress are both acknowledging that a vote on the expiring bush tax cuts will likely not take place until after the midterm elections. house speaker nancy pelosi had suggested a vote could be held this week befor
Sep 29, 2010 1:00pm EDT
purpose does the gentleman from new york rise? >> mr. speaker, pursuant to house resolution 1674, i call up h.r. 847 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 321, h.r. 847, a bill to amend the public health service act, to extend and improve protections and services to individuals directly impacted by the terrorist attack in new york city on september 11, 2001, and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 1674 in lieu of the amendments recommended by the committee on judiciary, now printed in the bill, the amendments in the nature of a substitute printed in house report 111-648 is adopted and the bill as amended is considered read. the bill shall be debatable for one hour with 30 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority members of the committee on energy and on commerce. 20 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the committee on judiciary and 10 minutes equally divided and c
Sep 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union baying has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> the american after threatening to burn the karan canceled a plan. the botched rescue in the philippines. did police shoot some victims. a new band of brothers of the u.s. troops surge in afghanistan peaks. are we finally saying goodbye to the super skinny models? the pastor of a small church in florida has been planning to burn a copy of the koran. he now says he has called off the protest. they say a deal has been raised to move the center away from ground zero. the organizers have denied any such agreement, but here is what the pastor had to say. >> i will be flying out there on saturday to meet at the ground zero mosque. he has agreed to move the location. that cannot happen overnight, but he has agreed to move that. we felt that would be a sign that god wants us to do that. the american peopl
Sep 11, 2010 12:30am PDT
>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." as the koran burning row continues, pastor terry route --. -- terry jones goes to new york. one of the three americans accused of spying and iran will not be released. a planning a comeback, pakistan's former military ruler tells the bbc he is forming a political party and wants to lead the country again. and if it is september, it must be toronto, a hollywood a-lister heading to canada for the international film festival. >>> welcome to "bbc world news," broadcasting in the u.k. and around the world. the american pastor who drew international condemnation for planning to burn the car ran up on the anniversary of 9/11 has arrived in new york, where he is expected to meet the iman behind plans for a controversy a mosque near ground zero. pastor terry jones says it may still happen. >> the president was forced to spend a fair bit of a rare news conference making appeals for tolerance, saying that muslims were neighbors and friends. he can hardly not respond to the threats. the trouble is it looks like he is giving more publicity to a group that is on the fringe. pastor jones is the leader of a florida church with a congregation of about 50 people. he believes that islam is the work of the devil and he has turned to put 200 korans onto a bonfire, having the world dance to his tune. first, he said he would meet with the leaders of the ground zero mosque. now it appears that is not happening. >> we have not heard from bob iman, but we are still very hopeful we will meet with him. >> it seems the burning will not happen. it is all very symbolic, but it has forced the president to speak out. >> we are not at war against islam. we are at war against terrorist organizations that have distorted islam or falsely used the banner of islam to engage in their destructive acts. and afghanistan, the president's word has not been heeded. protesters shouted death to obama, when the lives of u.s. troops are at risk because of the threat to america. >> this is one individual in florida. my concern is to make sure we did not start having a whole bunch of folks all across the country think this is the way to get attention. this is a way of endangering our troops. itour sons and daughters. >> nine years after the attack the new york, ground zero is being rebuilt. a memorial park will stand on the side of the mass murder. it is the plan to build the islamic cultural center a few blocks away that has sent some -- that has incensed some. but the man in charge says moving it would send the wrong signal. >> the headline would be islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help recruitment, and it will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, citizens under attack from the muslim world. and we have expanded and given an fuelled terrorism. >> up with an extreme threat, one small florida church has thrust itself into the center of the debate about what it means to be american. tomorrow, america will mark the anniversary of 9/11, usually a solemn and not political affair. at the white house hopes that it will stay that way. >>> iran has canceled the planned release of an american woman who is being detained in the country for more than a year. sarah shourd was scheduled to be released as a goodwill gesture. she and two men were arrested near the border and accused of spying. >> the news will come as a huge disappointment for her family. she is believed to be suffering from a precancerous condition. >> she showed me the lump in her breast. at this point, i am really concerned my daughter could have cancer. >> iranian authorities said she would be released as a goodwill gesture for the moslem holiday. but now that the ready in prosecutor has been quoted on the semi-official news agency as saying the release was canceled because legal procedures were not completed. that sounds ominously as if her case has fallen victim of internal wrangling. the families are hoping that if a decision gets reversed once it can get reversed again. >>> the former military ruler of pakistan musharraf says he is forming a new political party as part of an attempted comeback and the next general election. speaking to the bbc, he says pakistan was suffering from a breakdown in national self- confidence. >> i will participate in the next election, standing for myself. standing for a party that i will create i will create the new party because i think the time has come in pakistan where we need to have a new political culture, a culture which can move pakistan forward on a democratic path, on a correct democratic path, not on an artificial, make believe democratic path. >> that is what you did last time? >> no, last time, there were many issues involved which -- internationally, i liked legitimacy because i was in uniform. but i did very well for pakistan. i know that, and i challenge anybody on any point as far as pakistan is concerned and the people of pakistan are concerned. we did wonders for them in those seven years. it should be compared with 50 years of the past. >>> the former australian prime minister has been given a cabinet job by the woman who ousted him. it has been confirmed he will become foreign minister in her new labor government. the party scraped back into power thanks to the support of independent monitors after an election which is delivered a hung parliament. >>> details of some three cases of alleged sexual abuse by roman catholic clergy in belgium have been released -- 300 cases. a child psychiatrist to lead the inquiry said the cases of abuse, mostly involving minors, have been found in nearly every diocese. 13 alleged victims have committed suicide. the church will respond to report on monday. >> in catholic run boarding schools, churches, and youth groups, the scale of the abuse is shocking. it involves not just priests, but teachers and lay workers, in some cases for decades, and where was safe. -- and nowhere was safe. am i think it's safe to say that all schools, especially boarding schools, at some point know of cases of child sex abuse and that every diocese has been affected by this. >> the commission found the abuse was at its worst during the 1960's. there were hundreds of victims, both male and female, and the youngest was abused from the age of 2. 13 victims of abuse have since committed suicide. the commission said it found no evidence of a cover-up by the church. >> we found no indication of a systematic cover-up, that there was an agreement to ignore the suffering of the victims. >> all that from an inquiry that never finished its work. a police raid on its headquarters and those of the catholic church in june finished the commission's inquiry. the police have yet to bring any charges and the investigation has been thrown into doubt after the belgian court ruled that the raids were illegal. the catholic church in belgium will announce its response to the commission findings on monday. >>> north korea's state news agency says pyong and has proposed talks at aimed -- p'yongyang has proposed talks aimed at south korea. relations have been almost nonexistent since seoul accused pyongyang of sinking a south korean warship in april, killing 46 sailors. the head of north korea's red cross has reportedly contacted his counterpart in the south to try to bring relatives together at a resort on the north side of the border. >>> dozens of miners in northern spain are entering their 10th day underground as part of a protest against unpaid wages. an estimated 10,000 families depend on one of the mines and valencia, one of the few areas in the country where coal is mined. >> a strike with a difference. deep underground, these are some of the 50 spanish-refusing to come up until they are paid their wages. it is dark, dusty, and damp, but the men are determined. >> we have good morale. we have been here nine days already and we have had many problems, especially physical. but not in terms of morale. in that sense, we are on how to% fine. they will not be able to break us. -- we are 100% fine. >> above ground, protests took a more traditional form. the fights are more about -- are about more than just pay, it is about greener alternatives. >> the name of the demonstrations is not only to get salaries but also to fulfill the world decree. >> spanish coal producers say with foreign coal diluting their prices and without government aid, they cannot afford to always pay wages. until the issue is definitively resolved, the miners are determined to strike and their wives to wait. >>> you are watching "bbc world news." nine years after the attacks of 9/11, ted koppel offers his views on the price that america continues to pay. >>> emergency teams in a suburb of sanford cisco are still trying to put out the last remnants of a huge fire started by a gas explosion. at least four people were killed, more than 50 injured. the explosion produced a fireball and crater 5 meters deep. >> these are the first minutes after the explosion ripped through the neighborhood. firefighters could do little but watch as escaped gas fuels the inferno. officials say more than three dozen structures in this residential area were destroyed after a gas line exploded. the morning reveals smoking ruins, where hours before there were homes. several people are known to have died. several thousand are injured. there could be more. the explosion left a giant crater in the town of san bruno. >> this is very difficult for the city. the sun is shining, but they're still a dark cloud over the city. you have heard the numbers. unfortunately, the numbers will get higher. >> the firebird into the night, spreading to more homes before gas supplies to be shut off. local residents fled with what they could grab. >> we lost everything but we have our lives and we have our dog. >> anyway to describe how your feeling? >> it was like hell on earth. all you could see was flames. >> the explosion occurred 2 miles from san francisco airport. it was feared in your plane had crashed. authorities are investigating why the underground gas pipe ruptured, and locals are wondering how long before they can return to their neighborhood. >>> you are watching "bbc world news." the headlines, the pastor who backed down from burning copies of the koran has arrived in new york, hoping to meet the leader behind the cover seal islamic center to be built near ground zero. -- the controversy all islamic center to be built near ground zero. pakistan's former military leader musharraf is forming a new political party as part of an attempted comeback in the next general election. >>> saturday is the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. this year's commemoration comes at a time of particular attention. president obama has warned americans will face an expanded terror threat for years to come. at what price have they paid to combat that threat? ted koppel looks at how that fateful day has affected america and its policies. >> it was a comforting image, just what it outraged and broken hearted american needed. president bush, one arm casually draped over the shoulder of a new york city fireman, a bullhorn and the other hand. >> the people who knock these buildings down will hear all bus soon. >> within weeks of 9/11, u.s. special operation forces were on the ground in afghanistan, along with officers of the cia. together, with orders from the northern alliance, they drove the taliban and its al qaeda allies out of their city strongholds and into mountain caves, where they were pounded by u.s. warplanes. osama bin laden fled across the border into pakistan, and is believed still there to this day. the u.s. response had been effective and proportionate. but terrorism is designed to provoke a disproportionate response. and in time, osama bin laden got everything he had hoped for and more than he could have dreamed of. in justifying the bombing and invasion of iraq in march of 2003, the bush administration connected a series of dots. al qaeda and saddam were said the allies. >> we took down saddam hussein. >> the major general was in charge of training iraqi troops in 2003 and 2004. >> this business of weapons of mass destruction was a complete construct beyonce dom's part, largely to keep -- of saddam hussein's part, largely to keep iranians in the foxholes. >> u.s. troops tied down in iraq and afghanistan. >> i think osama bin laden figures that he has won, because he has made a spends so much when he had to spend so little to the fight. >> back in 2004, bin laden made this video recording. all we have to do, he said, is send two mujahideen it and raise a small piece of cloth on which is written al qaeda to make the general's and americans to suffer a human, economic, and political bosses. he calls his strategy provoked and bait. >> ted koppel reporting there. more on the news that the american pastor who has drawn international condemnation for planning to burn copies of the koran has arrived in new york. we speak to our correspondent in new york. it has been such a confusing story surrounding this pastor, who he has spoken to and who he is going to speak to. is the story clearing up? >> he has arrived in new york, presumably still seeking a meeting with the imam who is behind the plan for the community center and a mosque at couple blocks away from ground zero. the imam himself put out a statement about 12 hours ago saying that he was willing to speak to anyone seriously committed to peace, but he also said with this some day of september 11 upon us, i encourage everyone to take time for prayer and reflection, which does not seem to open the door for a meeting with pastor terry jones on september 11. perhaps the pastor has come here without a firm and is planning on attending one of the protests which will take place after the 9/11 anniversary ceremony. there will be a protest against the planned community center near ground zero. >> is still clear the pastor once the proposed religious mosque and cultural center scheduled to be placed at ground zero to be moved? >> he wants it to be moved, and he said he called off his burning of copies of the koran because he was told it would be moved, but he was mistaken in that. he never was told that, so he has come here. but september 11, of course, is a day when the whole of new york remembers what happened nine years ago, and it is a day when family members come to pay their respects, read the names of those who died. it is a very solemn ceremony. many of the relatives i have been speaking to are saddened, upset by the circus, both of the pastor but also of the protests which will be happening before -- both for and against the committee center and moscow. a very emotionally fraught day. >>> the director and guards of a prison in northern mexico are being questioned by state prosecutors over suspicions that some may have collaborated in the breakout of at least 85 prisoners. the inmates reportedly used ladders to get over the prison fence near the u.s. border. many of them are set to be members of violent drug gangs. >>> two young women have been killed in buenos aires after a floor and a nightclub collapsed. people were attending a private party in the vip lounge at the club when the accident happened. the investigation is underway, but authorities have confirmed safety inspections were carried out regularly at the venue, the last one completed just a few days ago. >>> three pakistani cricketers questioned by police last week in allegations they took part in a betting scandal have arrived back home to protests from angry fans. a few hundred protesters picketed the airport with banners and waved shoes as a sign of the players disgrace. the bowlers have promised to return to england for any future investigation. they have been suspended by the sport's governing body, but not face any criminal charges. >>> for all the economic misery around the world, there are still a few companies which are booming. germany may be at the heart of the european economic nightmare geographically, but it is showing remarkable signs of strength, and despite the impressive performance, germans are still looking at prosperity. >> at bmw headquarters in munich, each day a piker entertains customers coming to pick up their cars. -- a biker entertain customers. in the plant, 900 robots turnout the bmw 3 series. this is a major german global brand and times are good. exports are leading the economy to recover. car exports are up 40% this year. >> the markets are up around 13% from 2009, and exports are tracking at around 80%. >> even in germany, they are bringing in spending cuts determined to reduce their budget deficit. 60 billion pounds over four years. some of those cuts will hit single mothers, parents, and long-term unemployed. this person is a single mom who lives in brooklyn with her 11- month-old son. -- who lives in berlin with her 11-month-old son. next year for money will be reduced and no support for heating. >> they cut my heating costs. it is very difficult because i have a child. by heating costs are huge, 40 euros. >> each week, tens of thousands of protesters gathered. they are against spending at least 4 billion pounds on a new station while basic benefits are cut. >> please spend the money for the future and for the kids and education. >> even in the economic powerhouse of germany, there are concerns that the recovery is fragile and make it weaker. some argue that spending cuts could undermine growth, a few -- a view totally rejected by the german government. >> in principle, it is a balanced deficit reduction. it is not against sustainable economic growth. that is our message. our way is the right one and we do not destroy growth. >> germany has many successful global brands, like this chain store company which depends on growth. but the german government is determined to set an example that country, above all, must live within their means. >>> the 67th venice film festival closes saturday, there is no rest for the industry. the toronto film festival has just begun and the world's most popular are on their way there. >> goodbye, venice, hello, toronto. the film festival is underway, and the great and good are arriving in droves. hundreds of fans are lining up for tickets and festival's c.e.o. can barely contain his excitement. >> we are the largest public film festival and one of the most important film offense and the world. -- one of the most important film events in the world. it is an immense public film festival. it has turned into a massive tsunami of film. >> not tropopause king street will be awash with celebrities and fans -- toronto's king street will be awash with celebrities and fans, and they are keen to see as many as they can, especially the ones which are not likely to be released worldwide. >> the ones that may not be released. >> many of them will not be widely released in toronto, so i bought as many tickets as possible. >> 300 films will be shown at the festival and a lot of big names are expected >> there are so many films from around the world, so many world premieres. it is an amazing kind of group of movies. >> over 10 days, deals will be done, money will be made, and courier will be either elevated or shattered. -- and careers will be either elevated or shattered. >>> should be interesting. you are watching "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> there is one stage that is the met and carnegie hall. >> o, that this too, too solid flesh -- >> it is the kennedy center -- >> check, one, two. >> and a club in austin. [woman vocalizing] >> it is closer than any seat in the house, no matter where you call home. >> ♪ the top of the world, and i'm there, i'm home ♪ >> pbs -- the great american stage that fits in every living room. your support of pbs brings the arts home. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am PDT
think you'll see this in the,ip sfpuc, but it's not real real strong. i would say that's kind of a second order effect. you know, if we were living in the gulf states we probably would be worried about the tendency for more tropical storms and we really have not seen that in these models in the eastern pacific but i don't know that they would show that. so, there is more specificity developing as we do more and more work on this. there's more models and you know we've gone from maybe a dozen models to 20 or so, in the fourth assessment and their contributing all of this. it's an interim process and one that which, incremental changes and improvements are being made. >> i think we're going to end it there and i'll thank the panel one more time. thank you, very much. [applause] >> thank you very much. jeff, panelists great job. lanl we are going to have a reception that way, and we encourage you to join us. i just have a couple of comments. we are doing to be having a synopsis of the panels today. those are going to be available for you - there will be at each place tomorrow morning, so that will be away to start off the day so get here early so you can read that synopsis. i suggest that you enjoy the reception and have a rest full evening and come here with very clear heads because we've heard a lot today and we're going to really try to full together some action items where we can leave here tomorrow and at least come away, many of you as leaders of water utilities and those of you that advise us. hopefully we'll come up with real concrete plans on how to move forward, or at least some strategies to move forward. i know this panel has been very helpful in providing us with more ideas and thoughts on things we really need to take into account moving forward. i want to take a couple of house keeping items - . . . >> everybody still looks bright ayed today. that's a good sign. i'd like to take this moment to introduce the moderator. this is a tough job today. this is someone that's got to be a,b erb er, woman want to be. you maybe one after this panel. one of my director of communications warned me i may have some protests from, i don't know, some action because i made that comment but whatever - that's what we all love about the city. any way i'd like to introduce emily loyd taking on the job of moderator and developing a plan of action. emily is up to this tough job. she's commissioner emily loyd and the head of department of environmental protection of new york city and appointed by mayor bloomberg to head this agency in 05. the department is responsible for imagining new york cities waist water and treatment, drinking supply, handling hazard materials and emergency x toxicities and removal of those and enforcing cities air and noise codes. they also have substantial responsibility outside of new york city managering 2 thousand square miles of the hudson valley. prior to heading up this agency commissioner loyd served as executive vice president for public affairs at colombia university and was in the administration for ten years and commissioner for sanitation under mayor, jenkins and was ma developer at port an authority and commissioner for traffic and parking for the city of boston. emily, thank you so much. we are so glad to have your energy, your smarts to lead us to this tough topic this morning. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, susan. well, as the only - at least self identifying water system manager from the east coast, i had originally planned briefly present some highlights of our climate change experience in new york city but after listening yesterday i thought i could spare you anguish and tell you a brief new york story in a brief new york minute. i live in brooklyn and a little backyard in the back and stone walk in the front. years back my son was in the front and we left our backyard and there was a huge august moon rising and we up the block and out into a neighbors backyard when there was a party and when my son got to the party, he said we've got a moon just like that in our backyard. let me say we've not a climate change just like yours in our backyard. the time spent yesterday, at least for me, was very well spent and leads up to the business of today. yesterday we talked about the state of knowledge. some of it was wonderfully obvious. and water goes down hill and collection areas and some of it was breathtakingly vague trying make a billion dollar decision about something. we talked about simple solutions and bold actions and diverse drinking water systems in san diego and we heard about thinking about discipline, winning over regulators and economic development agencies and environmental groups as getting them to work with us. today, we have the opportunity to make it much more useful because it's amply, clear climate change is happen together all of us right now, as water system manager's and we can work together and act together, we can probably be more effective, more quickly. so that's what we're going to try to do today and here's how we're going to do it. we're going to use those five topics up on the screen to frame the sib jekt. we don't want them to constrain, it's just to give them structure. we want to hear from as many people as possible. panelists certainly, but you as well. what decisions you think need to be made quickly and what strategies you think have been useful. decision making, taking action in your field of work. we want to hear about what you need that this group could help you with, so you could be more effective in taking on and acting effectively on climate change. we're going to spend about 20 minutes on each area and as we begin each discussion area i'll ask a volunteer panelist to speak briefly and try to get comments from two or three of you on the floor and if we have time we'll go back to panelist. i'll ask people to stick to three minutes and the crew of eagle aye and microphone carriers i assume are available today i assume will find you and then when three minutes is up, they will leave you. tough love so we can hear from as many people as possible. we will break at forty five minutes after five so i can eat a muffin if there's one left and we'll talk about engineering and leave time for last thoughts. that won't be your last chance. i'm told the website is opened for several days so if you leave and have not had a chance to speak or you think of something later, please write to the website so the staff can see what your thinking. you've been given cards and i want to remind you about two particular questions. what can our agencies do collectively to come back and respond effectively to climate change. question two, what specific actions are you doing now or what specific ideas do you want to hear from others about climate change? and if you will and those in to staff all of those will be taken by them and synthesized into an action plan and focused on not what we're doing for the next 30 years, but steps in the near future to continue to develop our capacity to work together and lend incite and support. having said that, we're going to start with the first topic, public engage meant. will one of our panelists speak briefly about public engagement? barry. i see volunteering in your,e yes. >> two things. a terrific start to public engage meant is evidence by this conference. not just to the water community but attention from the stake holders and media and increaseing a warness so building on this conference is something that i think is tremendous valuable and not just for the inside water community. second, simple public awareness i want to mention because it came out of our experience in california. a number of agencies decided to support, the bill, ab 32, that started because they asked themselves conversation with folks working on climate issues, if they thought we needed a mandatory cap on greenhouse gases, and the answer after it got a great deal of thought the answer was yes, it's not a silver bullet but it is part of the solution. >> a number of them said why don't you start with saying that publically. it's not taking opposition on legislation but that sort of policy statement to the general public that climate change has significant impact and we can't just plan for the worst case scenario, we have to think of it's an a policy issue before we get to regulatory and that's something we urge to get the public to think about. >> i think conveying to people what we realize and getting it on the radar screen is important. is there a participant that can help us think about participation or public engage meant? >> hi we're focused on local solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. our approach to this issue is develop a community climate action plan which we're currently launching and that's one reason i'm here is to probe the knowledge that the audience as a group to find out what can be done specifically in the waist water sectors but we're trying to conceive this thing pass being sort of a synergistic combination of transportation - looking at transportation, land use, water use, waist water, and solid waist and energy. all of those things working together to bring up a focus on how we can achieve significant reduction in the community. like jarrod said, it actually occurs locally. that's what we focus on. public outreach is a key element for us and we work with community environment groups and just but - using the plan kind of as a faveus cuss in terms of how you do it and in terms of what specific actions can be taken. >> thank you. >> i'm paul the general manager of the grand municipal water district. one of the things we're doing in california and this is sponsored by proposition 50 and proposition 84, is regional water management integration planning and all the reamal entities have participated in this for the last year. but in the bay area we talk about overlaying that planning process with a focus on climate change and i talked to lester snow last night about this and i'm glad to hear the department will be promoting that but that's a good forum for the work we're talking about here today. with all the partners the local agencies and others and there is a public engage meant component as part of that. when we develop the plan one element we try to do is reach out to community groups and stake holders. i think that's one place california already has a process in place and it would be helpful for all of us to focus on climate change as part of that process. >> thank you. >> good morning. larry wilson. i'm thinking as a product of this summit that we should come up with a statement of the reality of science as we see it today. we all agree that certain things really happening. we ought to state the obvious. a statement from this summit signed on to by the participants here and if we can do that along with some of the back up issues about the action plans and stuff like that we can probably put out a product with a value of national interest. >> i think we're not going to try to take action today, but in the follow up that we'll be circulating and there will be on going dialogue through that mechanism and those are things we can consider, because i think everyone feels a lot of need to get out with some of the things we've formed consensus about over the past day. let me go back to a panelist now. >> well a couple of thoughts in terms of public engagement. my mind goes to the whole need for a sustained marketing strategy. this is a big, long-term issue. we all talk about it in different terms and sound bites and there's no sustained product. when we try to get the public interested we're competing with iraq, healthcare, just to name all the things out there in the media all the time and there's no uniform way we describe this. it's this abstract thing way off in the future and unless we make it marketable for the public they're going to support the billions and billions to address this now for the future. it's not just the city of san francisco or the department of resource there has to be a much more sustained campaign to address these issues. >> i think that's very true and i will talk about new yorks plan to engage the city to think about the problems. two often problems are war memorial complex sorry, water related and hard decisions that need to be made in the city regarding water issues. this is the first outreach which was a supplement in new york times and daily news which i think is the most circulated paper in new york city. and getting bigger as time goes on we'll try to engage in some of this thinking where people are thinking of this early and not just presented with a plan to go, thumbs up or down on it. the idea of putting sustained conversation with consistent information is very important. this is new york city does not preclude the water utilities thinking about climate change and water and the things that go along with that and trying reach out nationally. one more. last one. >> i'm representing the endangered species coalition. made up of four hundred different groups. i guess my question from yesterday revolved the impacts of global warming like the, eco basis. >> i don't want to disappoint you but we're not going to be able to do questions. so i hope you can make this a comment. >> i would encourage water managers and people included in water matters try to preclude or include other species and in the process early on rather than late in the game which has occurred down through history where water decision implications have negatively impacted species that we end up dealing within confrontational ways so if we can get started with that earlier rather than later, that would be good. >> thank you. i think we need to move on. i apologize. let's take a few minutes thinking about legislative actions and that's local, state and several times in conversations yesterday i heard congress comments and how to engage them, certainly california, the local water authorities have a lively relationship as with their legislatives as we do in new york so i would love some thoughts about that. chuck, i thought we would start with you. >> i think there's a couple of things relating back to public engagement issue. i thought about my city council sitting here yesterday and one member is really a climate change geek. he's the chair of my subcommittee so for him it's easy to sit down and talk about this but for many officials, whether it's boards or commissions you report to, it's not - if you want to sit down and have this discussion, it's not going to get far, but i think legislative engage meant, what are the consequences in simplistic terms - i know it's terrible to say that - what are your consequences to their election as far as this goes. what can you give them to give them political credit with not human down sides. this is like a comprehensive strategy on public engage meant you should have the same strategy on how to get legislative support for whatever programs you think need to go forward. i have great staff, as you all do, whom if you give them a task they can solve the problem. i can do that but i need the legislative authority to let them do their job. so the challenge is how do we take all this complex stuff, and distill it down to consequences maybe short-term and long-term they can understand from a political and election and constituent perspective so it means something to them and i think that's really the challenge. >> comments about legislation or things you've tried or comments about it. >> hi i think just in line with what everybody was saying, all of us may not be environmentalists in this room but when you converse with someone that does not know about this you have to be a warrior about it and stand up and say something and don't be quiet but spa speak your mind and voice and put forward what you think is real and in time things can change and minds can change and people can move on but we have to not be quiet about it and just keep pushing. >> thank you. yes? >> i'm with the water out of alexandria, virginia, i want to address legislative things but public engage meant. i think the most important things we can do in terms of communication with the hengs, is water is one voice. it's very important. when i say water, i mean water and waist water. it's very important that the message dare that i completely agree it has to be clear and distinct but right now we have echos and when we speak to washington there's an echo effect and we need to be one voice and i think that needs to be clear. >> thank you. yes? >> hi, i'm with the california public utilities commission. i watched the news last night and another senator was really claiming on the debate on global warming, gee, i think you're saying it's profitable for the green industries now and i'm thinking, of course it needs to be profitable and really the fossil fuel and oil industries that are making hundreds more times more profit and that's what drives this. if we could internalize externalities and middest oil and regardless of your political leaning if you or we could internalize that that's what it takes to drive the point home to the public. people don't see the profitibility of it. the profitibility of it if they see it, it could achieve it. it's an inconvenient truthfulness. it's rather from your gut than based on facts. well, because i have a vested interest, without saying so, this is my opinion. that comes from a high level as far as kind of covering up the truth and talking what we want to be rather than what we see. that and the others might be a good point of view. >> thank you. i will go back to a panelist now. brad? if i can get your comment? >> you know, i'm interest in the federal angles here. what i see is this great opportunity that will rise in 2008 and i don't think it's realistic to think we'll get much support until that time. i think it's actually encouraging to look at what you all do in the history of every environmental action in the past. super fund, clean water and air acts. all of those actions have had state analogs. everyone. the feds stepped in because people said we can't have this quote, work of actions out there. so what happens here and oregon and washington and new mexico and montana, really do count. i would encourage all of you - it's unbelievable to come here from colorado or nebraska - you know we have straw coming out of our ways and in other ways we're quite sophisticated and you all are leading the pathway and i encourage you all to lead and not get discouraged we're going to get support on the es
Sep 11, 2010 7:00am EDT
will be held at the three sites where hijacked planes crashed in new york, washington, and pennsylvania. ut along with this year's events, there's also controversy. nbc's michelle franzen is live near the world trade center site in newth york city. michelle, with a good saturday morning to you. what's the scene like this morning as of now? >> reporter: well, good morning, alex. certainly people are beginning to gather for the ceremony here in new york this morning. as you mentioned, certainly several controversies, political and religious controversies that are surrounding the events of 9/11 this year. and the emotions area usually heightened anyway. this is only adding to those tensions. we can show you a look at ground zero this morning as the nation gets ready to pause and also pay tribute to the lives lost on that day. despite a heated debate over a proposed mosque and islamic cultural center near ground zero and by plans by one florida pastor to burn copies of the koran, today, nine years after terrorists struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremoes i
Sep 15, 2010 4:00am PDT
long-time congressman mike castle, who had a lock on the senate race just weeks ago. >> in new york, tea party ally, carl paladino crushed his opponent for governor, rick lazio, who had the gop's backing. >> kelly ayotte, is in a neck and neck fight with tea party favorite ovide lamontagne. >> for details on these and other races, emily schmidt has been tracking the overnight numbers. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. usually, the day after the primary, we are talking about the matchups set between republicans and democrats. but this morning, it's a different story. it's a difference between the tea party surge and the republican establishment. last night, the tea party pulled off some huge surprises. one of the nation's smallest states is now home to one of the year's largest political upsets. >> no more politics as o'donnell, a candidate who had run and lost twice for senate before, won this time. she beat long-term congressman and political moderate, mike castle, with the backing of the tea party and sarah palin. >> thank you, governor palin, for your end
Sep 23, 2010 5:00am EDT
is outside the united nations in new york. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning. this will be president obama's second speech before world leaders at the general assembly on the eve of the general assembly's speech, the president spoke about the u.n. goals to reduce poverty and disease by 2015. he said the u.s. had developed its own policy changing the way it does business to help the country as well as the world reach those goals. today he is expected to focus on continuing rebuilding international relations and also paying attention to much of what's going on in the middle east, many of the foreign policy issues left over from the bush administration that are still ongoing that include the situation in iraq, combat units, of course, left there at the end of august but still 50,000 u.s. troops remain there training security forces, of course, troops in afghanistan have also been increased as well as the attacks from insurgents that have also increased in that region and, of course, there is also talk with north korea and iran that they're defying international pressur
Sep 10, 2010 5:30am EDT
proposed new york islamic cultural center near ground zero would be moved. >> he told me three times that the imam in new york said he would move the mosque. i only have this man's word. that supposed only has the imam's word, but that should be good enough. that's good enough for me. >> after those comments, though, the imam denied ever saying a deal had been reached to move the new york center or why an imam in florida would have the power to make that decision. pastor jones then claimed he had been lied to. he said he would now reconsider his decision to call off the koran burning. last night an associate pastor of the florida church confirmed the burning was only postponed. >> it's been circulated and rumored that information that we were given from the imam is incorrect, or falsified. we definitely don't want to believe that's true. as we said, it's not our plan to continue with the burning of the koran, so as of it, right now, it is temporarily suspended until we get a confirmation on the information we were given, that we have a meeting with the imam in new york on saturday, a
Sep 10, 2010 12:30am PDT
possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> uncertainty over the koran- burning. the u.s. pastor says he has not cancelled as plans, he has just put them on hold. the un general assembly calls for dialogue between serbia and kosovo. it could pave the way for the first direct talks in two years. a california judge rules a ban on homosexuals serving openly in the u.s. military is unconstitutional. controversy in the paris says the world of manga crash lands at the palace of versailles. a warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in the u.k. and around the world. the u.s. pastor who has been condemned worldwide for his threat to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of september 11 says his plan is now on hold. terry jones originally announced he was cancelling the ev
Sep 29, 2010 10:00am EDT
gentlewoman yields back the balance of her time. for what purpose does the gentlelady from new york rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. mrs. maloney: mr. speaker, today we are considering a bill that is overwhelmingly supported by the american people. the james zadroga 9/11 health and compensation act, which i worked with the entire new york delegation, will provide health care who is sick or injured because of 9/11. this is a national issue. those who are suffering come from all 50 states which this chart shows. the darker color shows states that has more than 1,000 of their residents enrolled in health programs. for those americans, the 9/11 attacks are not history but are an ongoing nightmare that is slowly robbing them of their health, their strength, their livelihood and in some cases their lives. thousands lost their lives nine years ago, but since then thousands and thousands more have lost their health. this is not an entitlement program. this is a responsibility to take care of those who took care of us when our na
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
paladino, very early results here in new york, let's take a look at the numbers. rick lazio trailing, 72% for the tea party candidate, carl paladino at the moment. 28% for rick lazio. just 7% of the vote in there, but on a night like this, we've seen it happen in delaware, it could be happening in new hampshire, we'll keep an eye on new york. >> that's huge, 72%. do we know where that's coming from? are those kind of skewed based on where it's coming from in the state? >> we don't know yet, that's where we're breaking down as they come in. you're in new york city, it's a big diverse state, we have to be very careful when the numbers are in down below 7%. but paladino, a tea party candidate running against the establishment, that's a good start. long way to go. >> do we know about the rangel race? >> haven't seen results on that one yet, and, of course, that is a dramatic primary. he's seeking his 21st term and as you know he's facing a dozen ethics charges here and a shot, a chance, although most people believe rangel will pull it out, a chance for adam clayton powell iv. >> we're going
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